Slysoft AnyDVD (HD) on multiple machines

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Daedalus, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Ch3vr0n

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    a new version blacklists keys, when the internal database gets updated
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    Confirming what I said in post #9. Thanks.
  3. Daedalus

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    I assume from what I have read that the Redfox team are happy for me to treat the SlySoft version of AnyDVD HD as freeware and that I can safely install it using a single key on my all my own, friends and family machines without any monitoring of the use of my key. Can I assume that you, Ch3vr0n, speak on behalf of Redfox when you suggest that I can safely "go nuts" with the dead SlySoft product?

    Obviously, if I do ever feel the need to upgrade to the Redfox version of the software I will keep that key to myself, not give it away to friends and family, and run it on only one machine at a time.

    Thanks to all who have replied, you have put my mind at rest.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    As my signature states, I don't speak/work for RedFox. However, you got your license from slysoft and they're the only ones that could possibly have a right to blacklist the key. Since they're dead, that's unlikely to happen. The slysoft database is offline just like they are.

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  5. Yaris

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    Perhaps you may have missed it. No Redfox team member has commented on your questions.
    The 2 moderators on here are freely speaking their opinions as anyone else who is not affiliated with the product.
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  6. cholla

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    I don't feel this has been answered with a good answer .
    I'm using AnyDVD HD version the last fully written slysoft version.
    1. Why should I have to uncheck ""Automatically check for new AnyDVD Version" to prevent being offered a redfox written version of AnyDVD HD ?

    As above why doesn't the slysoft version of AnyDVD HD I have just try to connect with the offline slysoft database & get a "Can not connect or not found message" ?

    Why is there a redirect ? I assume a redirect put in place by redfox .

    What right does redfox have to put a redirect on the old slysoft web address ?

    Most slysoft LTL holders know about redfox & how to contact them if they want to purchase AnyDVD HD from redfox.
    I shouldn't need to uncheck anything to prevent a slysoft product from contacting redfox.

    Of course I do keep this setting unchecked as I don't want to be bothered .
    The point is I shouldn't have to be bothered with what actually amounts to an advertisement from redfox.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    Because there is no offline database like the online database. The local database you're referring to only gets used by anydvd if you reinsert a disc you've previously inserted.

    What redirect, the slysoft domain doesn't redirect.

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  8. Sly Fox

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    I agree with you completely. For all of the "Slysoft is dead, RedFox is the future" garb on here, it's very interesting that SlySoft version tries to auto-update to a version of the software provided by an entirely different entity (because it's NOT a company you kn0w ;) )...curious that.

    Smells like...*censored*.
  9. Adbear

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    That's because the update to was made by Redfox after Slysoft went down but still pointed to the Slysoft OPD as the Slysoft OPD was still online at that point. It's over a year later and you're still whining on with your unfounded conspiracy theories
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  10. Sly Fox

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    What can I say? Time clearly doesn't heal...
  11. Ch3vr0n

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    That's no excuse.
  12. Sly Fox

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    Neither is "It's over a year later" ...
  13. ddjmagic

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    As I've mentioned previously in a different thread, Slysoft update domain is still active now and was never actually lost.
    All AnyDVD versions from years ago also try to update to RedFox, I've tested myself with v7.4.8.0 (2014).
    This is nothing sinister and most likely the old update domain has just been linked/directed to the same place as RedFox to check for updates (so people know AnyDVD is still available)
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  14. ddjmagic

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    Just did a quick DNS test with v7.4.8.0 (June 2014) on clean Windows 10. These are the results on opening: DNS Query.jpg

    AnyDVD clearly looks at the Slysoft domain for the update and then straight after a request for the RedFox domain is made.
    Since wasn't even registered in 2014, it's safe to say it's just a simple link/redirect left on the Slysoft domain or servers and nothing sinister that RedFox has built in to old Slysoft AnyDVD versions.
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  15. cholla

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    Whether "sinister" or not;
    Whether is a closed source project , business , or company .
    No whining .

    What I want is for to find the source of the redirect & stop it.

    My slysoft version of AnyDVD HD should not redirect or in any way connect to .

    No matter what settings I make in it.
    If it is an "old update domain" that is linked this should be fixed .

    If as stated is completely separate from slysoft . Then fix this & make the separation complete.
  16. Watcher0363

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  17. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Whatever your stance/view on it is, if RedFox do still control/own the old Slysoft domain they have the right to do whatever they choose with it and that's not going to change.

    As you already know, it's very easy just to disable the automatic update in AnyDVD, so like it or not that's the best solution you are going to get.
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  18. David_B

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    With all due respect, that is not quite true. Yes, AnyDVD does not phone home when registering the license, and a check is done within the software itself, but if an internet connection is available when AnyDVD is open, it does occasionally phone home to check if the key that is being used has been blacklisted. If it has been, then the activation gets deactivated.
  19. Ch3vr0n

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    No it doesn't, blacklisted keys gets done through new AnyDVD versions

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  20. David_B

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    It must be a combination of both then because I know what I said to be true.