Slysoft AnyDVD (HD) on multiple machines

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Daedalus, Feb 3, 2017.

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    a new version blacklists keys, when the internal database gets updated
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    Confirming what I said in post #9. Thanks.
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    I assume from what I have read that the Redfox team are happy for me to treat the SlySoft version of AnyDVD HD as freeware and that I can safely install it using a single key on my all my own, friends and family machines without any monitoring of the use of my key. Can I assume that you, Ch3vr0n, speak on behalf of Redfox when you suggest that I can safely "go nuts" with the dead SlySoft product?

    Obviously, if I do ever feel the need to upgrade to the Redfox version of the software I will keep that key to myself, not give it away to friends and family, and run it on only one machine at a time.

    Thanks to all who have replied, you have put my mind at rest.
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    As my signature states, I don't speak/work for RedFox. However, you got your license from slysoft and they're the only ones that could possibly have a right to blacklist the key. Since they're dead, that's unlikely to happen. The slysoft database is offline just like they are.

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    Perhaps you may have missed it. No Redfox team member has commented on your questions.
    The 2 moderators on here are freely speaking their opinions as anyone else who is not affiliated with the product.
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    I don't feel this has been answered with a good answer .
    I'm using AnyDVD HD version the last fully written slysoft version.
    1. Why should I have to uncheck ""Automatically check for new AnyDVD Version" to prevent being offered a redfox written version of AnyDVD HD ?

    As above why doesn't the slysoft version of AnyDVD HD I have just try to connect with the offline slysoft database & get a "Can not connect or not found message" ?

    Why is there a redirect ? I assume a redirect put in place by redfox .

    What right does redfox have to put a redirect on the old slysoft web address ?

    Most slysoft LTL holders know about redfox & how to contact them if they want to purchase AnyDVD HD from redfox.
    I shouldn't need to uncheck anything to prevent a slysoft product from contacting redfox.

    Of course I do keep this setting unchecked as I don't want to be bothered .
    The point is I shouldn't have to be bothered with what actually amounts to an advertisement from redfox.
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    Because there is no offline database like the online database. The local database you're referring to only gets used by anydvd if you reinsert a disc you've previously inserted.

    What redirect, the slysoft domain doesn't redirect.

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