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    This is the second retail disc using 2 different computers and neither the disk nor the ISO will play using PDVD15. The disks play using a commercial BD player. Here's log of both disks

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    Am I seeing things, you moved this thread into the DVD issues section?

    Anyway, When I say it doesn't play I mean it plays everything on the disk EXCEPT the movie! It plays all the previews, warnings and even the ATMOS demo blurb, and then it hangs at -0:00:25 with a thin green line at the right side. This is the second disk this has happened on, the first was a netflix and now this one is retail. Also this happens on two different PC's both using PDVD15 My other has PDVD16 and it didn't play on that either(if I recall correctly?)
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    Nope forgot to move it lol. @Pete screenpass?

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    Try it again, please - the disc should work fine now.
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    Works perfect now, thanks!

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