Screen Pass Protection on Masterpiece: The Durrells in Corfu Season 2 UK Edition

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  1. world123

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    It appears the above has Screen Protection. I am using AnyDVD Discs purchased from US Amazon.

    Attached are the ziplogs.

    Thank You Again

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  2. Pete

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    Yes, it has - I'll need another set of log file now, please.
  3. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    Hello Pete,
    Here you go.


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  4. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Ok, should be good now.
  5. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

  6. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    Hello @Pete, I had confirmed your many fixes reading iso files on a HDD using a PC. However, my Blu-Ray player doesn't read a program saved as a iso file on a disc. The Black Screen appears on the monitor connected to the Blu-Ray player. My Blu-Ray player is prior to Cinavia (showing age) even though this isn't the issue. So, is my Black Screen problem normal with your fix (or did I make a mistake)? If I can't burned the program as a iso to a disk, then can I convert the programs to another file format (e.g., a mp4 file) to overcome the Black Screen when reading the mp4 file on a disk?
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    If you created an unprotected ISO BEFORE pete fixed the OPD, the damage is done and you will need to make a new ISO. AnyDVD also doesn't make ISO's of "programs" like you say (data iso's). No amount of burning / converting will overcome the black screen if the ISO was improperly decrypted first. Conversion tools would only use the wrong (or a random playlist). You'll need to make a new iso (or simply have anydvd running PRIOR to making a new iso) and TEST proper playback in something like PowerDVD if it works.
  8. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    Hello @Ch3vr0n, As my SOP, I save an unprotected file with Pete's fix and confirmed with PowerDVD that all chapters can be accessed (3 per disk). I save another version (SOP) of the disks using CloneBD to strip additional files. I also confirmed the resulting iso file had Pete's fix in place and I can access all chapters. All this time I assumed Pete's fixes were in place and I didn't try and read a burned disk on my Blu-Ray player until tonight. It's late for me and time to go to bed (6am).
  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    SOP? If the disc ISO behaves properly in PowerDVD then your player SHOULD behave too, though you didn't say what player it is
  10. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I meant to say "PROTECTED" and not UNPROTECTED. SOP means standard operating procedure. I am a retired (6 heart bypass) Civil Engineer. My player model is a SONY BDP-BX2 (?). Last firmware was before Cinavia.

    I agree with your last sentence! It doesn't make sense to me.
  11. theosch

    theosch Well-Known Member

    I guess you have also made sure that the monitor uses e.g. the HDMI input as source (if your Blu-ray player is connected via HDMI port) ?
    (when a monitor has several signaling ports like (Display-Port, HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc) to have different devices connected at the same time (like PC, Laptop, BD-Player), you can switch between the ports, from which device connected to the monitor you want to see the picture.

    Most newer monitors (in the last 10 years) have several input ports.
    If you have just one device connected to the monitor, some monitors detect automatically at which port a device is connected where it gets a signal.
    But some don't. In that case you'd have to choose the proper input manually (in a setting within in the monitor-menu; or there is a button on the side like "SOURCE"-button, or arrow up or arrow-down UP/DOWN button, or a trianle up/down symbol - where you switch between the input ports)

    Is the black screen just happening when starting the film?

    Or is it black generally, not even the software-menu appearing from the Blu-ray player itself on the monitor?
    If that should be the case make sure that the monitor has the correct port selected from which it should display the picture, (see description more further above)
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  12. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    Hello @theosch,
    Thank you for your comments. I am able to play back all Black Screen Protection disks (corrected by Pete) on my PC. However, these same disks don't play back on my Sony Player. The Player shows the title each disk, but DOES NOT play or anything. Other disks without the Black Screen Protection play back on my PC and Sony Player.

    I just completed the above tests.

    So, the problem doesn't appear to be the monitor connection. The behavior is as if the Black Screen Protection is working on my Sony Player, but these disks play on my PC.
  13. theosch

    theosch Well-Known Member

    Did you create a decrypted iso with AnyDVD+fix applied really directly from the original BD-ROM (=properly) , as strongely suggested, and burnt that to a blanc BD-R DL / BD-RE DL disc?
    This doesn't play in your Sony Player?

    What type of Black screen protection discs don't play on your Sony Blu-ray player? Did you mean from the original BD-ROM discs?

    It sounds like that you only tried the original BD-ROM discs in your Sony player-device.
    If you were using an encrypted iso image , burnt to blanc writable BD media or the original BD-ROM, well then it's more easy. Your Sony player probably doesn't know the AACS keys. You said the Sony Blu-ray player device does not use Cinavia.
    So did you update any player-devices firmware before the release of these black screen protected discs ?
    (But probably not recommended if they implement Cinavia along with the firmware update)
    I guess there's no other way if you want to avoid updating the player-device's firmware or if you want to avoid to connect the player device to the internet (for privacy) where it could get the AACS key.

    Please if not done already, make sure that you have made a new (de)crypted iso after Pete has applied the fix. Please burn this unprotected iso (image to disc), (not the *.iso itself as a file), to a blanc media (unscratched clean BD-RE DL media), and check if it plays on the Sony Blu-ray player. Also you can try different writable blanc media brands, because some have bad quality.
    The staff/mods told that you didn't have to worry about Cinavia, there would not exist any know Blu-ray discs with Black screen protection (=Screenpass?) + Cinavia.
    All know Blackscreen protected Blu-ray discs wouldn't use any Cinavia, if I understood correctly.

    Still other problem: if it was a Blu-ray-ROM with Cinavia, all newer Blu-ray player-devices with Cinavia can make playing issues when it's played from a BD-R / BD-RE.

    This is why I prefer playing from HDD by a PC avaoiding this optical stuff, (just using for ripping it to the HDD)

    This also promotes the Blu-ray AACS association or whatever not to release/continue that annoying specific Blu-ray copy protection measures.
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  14. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    Hello theosch, all created disks are produced from PROTECTED disks using CloneBD (saved as iso files). The original disk plays on the Sony Player. All disks (from CloneBD) play on the PC OK with AnyDVD disabled.

    I assumed as you have that I may have to update the firmware on the Sony Player, but WON'T because of Cinavia. So, I can only play the iso files (from CloneBD) stored on a HDD! I use Panasonic and high-grade Verbatum disks.

    Thank You and Ch3vr0n for your thoughts!
  15. theosch

    theosch Well-Known Member

    Does the playback of the iso work in a licensed player (like PowerDVD) (AnyDVD disabled), and does the playback work as well in an unlicensed player, like VLC (also without AnyDVD running) ?

    You're sure you had AnyDVD enabled when you created the iso with CloneBD?
    It's 100% certain that those iso file are from PROTECTED discs (BD-ROM), no doubt.
    The question is if you had AnyDVD on or off while you used CloneBD to make the iso!

    Since some try icons, like AnyDVD can be hidden in sub menu task bar. And you don't know if AnyDVD was on really if you were not checking this sub menu bar.
    And CloneBD is an own program.

    If AnyDVD was off, then you created an encrypted iso.
    Well at least ImgBurn allows to make encrypted isos. It just warns you should't complain if not playable , ("who knows who had s.t.h. like AnyDVD for help")

    The player software is important. Because afaik PowerDVD has its own AACS key database.
    So if you made an encrypted iso, PowerDVD possibly will still be able to play that encrypted iso or when its burnt to writable media, even though when AnyDVD is disabled!

    You said the original BD-ROM plays fine from The Durrells in Corfu Season 2 UK Edition
    on a player software on PC (which you didn't mention), and on the Sony Blu-ray player device, too.

    But the playback of the burnt iso from The Durrells in Corfu Season 2 UK Edition? doesn't work in the Sony Blu-ray player device, just all the chapters listed.

    Well if the original BD-ROM works, as you saiud, then it means your Sony player knows the AACS key. And there's no firmware update needed.
    So even an encryted iso should work.
    Since Pete confirmed it has Screenpass, and if known correctly the devs/mods told there haven't been any known Screenpass + Cinavia Blu-ray discs...

    In case you don't remember if AnyDVD was on while making the iso with CloneBD:
    Please could you mount your iso from CloneBD from this movie which doesn't play on the Sony player device, in a virtual device and check whether decrypted/encrypted? You can install Virtual Drive from RedFox (free) if using Windows 7.
    Or klick on the iso via Windows explorer in Windows 8 / Windows 10 (right mouse klick on the iso file like "allocate" to mount it.

    Is the folder name AACS replaced by the name "ANY!" within the mounted iso (still when AnyDVD is off") ?
    You can also check if AnyDVD status window tell "Media is AACS protected!" or if it tells "Media is not AACS protected." from the mounted iso image.

    If it tells "Media is not AACS protected" from that mounted iso, try making an encrypted iso instead. Burn that encrypted iso to BD-RE DL media, and check if it now plays in the Sony Blu-ray player.
    Since your Original BD-ROM (encrypted) plays in the Sony Player device it certainly also should work with the encrypted copy, if the media brand is good quality and compatible to your Sony Blu-ray player.
    So if encrypted iso working fine, then perhaps AnyDVD didn't remove Screenpass properly when making the decryption.

    Well making an encrpyted iso it doesn't influecnce with the data from the original disc I think. A good safety measure if unsure if Screenpass is handled completely the right way by AnyDVD from the BD-ROM disc. :)
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  16. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    • Yes, AnyDVD is enabled in creating PROTECTED iso files and creating a full copy using CloneBD. I just used the original disk to created a full copy using CloneBD. Same result as before ... shows only disk name. My blanks are Panasonic and high grade Verbatim and play copied disks on the Sony Player and on my LG burner (WH16NS40). Also, my media plays copies of other original disks without a problem so media isn't an issue.
  17. theosch

    theosch Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure at all if CloneBD will create a protected iso file when AnyDVD is on.
    Could you please mount the iso in a virtual drive which (burnt on BD writabel media) won't play on your Sony Blu-ray player and verify if AnyDVD status windows says "Media is AACS protected!"

    Just do it. Thank you.
    And then Please report back the result AnyDVD status window is saying. :)
    The best is if you posted a screenshot here from AnyDVD status window with the result from the iso in virtual drive.
  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    It won't. CloneBD like CloneDVD is a 100% legal application. It cannot process protected content and as such can't create protected iso's either.

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  19. theosch

    theosch Well-Known Member

    Thx for clarification :)


    You made a protected (encrypted) iso as well, (here with AnyDVD) image ripper "keep copy protection" ?
    Well you said the original disc (so BD-ROM) worked in the Sony Player.
    Well if the BD-ROM plays fine the encrypted (burnt) media should play as well.
    If the player plays the orignal disc, it knows the encryption keys, so the encrypted media should play as well
    And it's with Screenpass so not with Cinavia.

    And this encrypted burnt media doesn't play either in the Sony Blu-ray player?

    See screenshot: you made an encrypted iso by this way, too?

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  20. world123

    world123 Well-Known Member

    Yes, That's my setting. Part 1, I made a PROTECTED iso (setting shown in image). Part 2, input is PROTECTED iso. Output is from CloneBD which I assumed is "UN-encrypted"! I burned OUTPUT from CloneBD. Burned OUTPUT plays on PC with AnyDVD disabled with no problems. I have a 2 Year series. First year has no Black Screen Protection. Second year HAS Black Screen Protection. I created BURNED OUTPUT for both years. Both years play on PC with AnyDVD disabled. First year plays on Sony Player. Second year DOES NOT play on Sony Player. DOES NOT play means only the Disk name shows on monitor connected to Sony Player. Hitting the Play button does nothing, but comes back to the Disk name page.