[REQ] Allow downloading of multiple audio tracks at the same time

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by 0x0x0x0x0, Oct 21, 2020.

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    Pretty much what the subject says (for example, EN, DE, and FR at the same time) :) The only way to do so currently involved "watching" (read: download) the same video multiple times then remix audio tracks from multiple files.

    Since as this dumbarse didn't read the requests lists prior to posting and this request already has been made, let me expand on it: allow downloads into file per track too (so m4v for video and lang.m4a for audio)
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    Do you need assistance muxing multiple audio tracks into one file? I wouldn't mind expalining.
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    Thanks, I'm alright with that, just would rather have an option to download the separate non-muxed tracks to begin with ;-)
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    you just download 1 time f.e. english and download 2time on spanish in a lower res because the sound stays untouched if the video res is going to be lower.
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    Refering to sticky does not help at all, because:

    Please note. There are 3 status options:

    DENIED: There are currently NO plans to implement the request
    APPROVED: Feature request has been approved for implementation as it was considered a good idea. However this does NOT guarantee implementation will be added soon, with a specific timeframe in mind.
    MAYBE: Feature request was considered a good idea. Implementation of the request is considered, but has not been given an actual approval.

    We are talking here about status option 4: UNDER CONSIDERATION .... is it identical to MAYBE?

    But what does this mean? I understand that it takes some time to make up minds, but for me it is legitime to ask for status every ... perhaps ... month? Would be great to get some details about what is or is not happening ... even if it is out of focus: No problem, but updates would be great.

    Please understand: For me this feature is essential to buy the software ... and I am really waiting for it ...
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    Indeed, a roadmap would be great.

    Edit: actually, having thought about it, it would be better if the "Requests" sticky was a poll and people could vote for already suggested features to give an indication of what features were more desired by the userbase.
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    Did I miss a maybe? It's the same thing as under consideration yes. Polls? I'm not going to change the entire sticky, and have people make requests again that have already been made.

    I don't think @Prospere wants them any more than I do. They decide what gets added.

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    I'm guessing you're talking about the polls for new features... and I'm inferring that your logic for posting what you did is that every developer dreams of spending time and effort on features that 1% of the userbase want?
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    You're not interfering with me, users make request developers make decisions on what gets added. Perfectly normal and usually standard practice. I don't work for them, I don't have any more say than you do over what gets added, and what doesn't.

    All I'm saying is that I'm not going to change the current stickies and have people ask the same thing multiple times even more than what's already happening now, and like what happened before.

    If the developers decide for example on a few options that they decide are possible for an upcoming release, then an additional poll for THOSE options might be a way to go. But I'm not going to remove the sticky and replace it by a poll.

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    Can a mod not insert a poll into an existing thread, seems odd?
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    It's not that easy. Post timestamp would still be followed, the only possible way to do it would be to find a post with a postmark between 1st and 2nd post and edit it. Then merge.

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    That sounds way more complicated than it ought to be, maybe it's a drawback of the forum engine (I have no idea how XenForo works under the hood) but the "normal" way of doing it would be to create a poll and associate the poll id with the thread id, and let the forum engine do its magic ;-)
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    Yeah that's not how xenforo works. Poll are created within a post (but for non-moderators or higher, it's in the forum rules to not create one (aka normal users)) So with a new post the poll post would get added AFTER the last reply (and maybe the results shown up top). The only way i know off is to "insert" one by finding a post's between the 1st & at that time 2nd post, edit it into a poll and merge the post with the topic so it then becomes the 2nd post. Trust me, i've tried in the past.
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    Hope you guys implement the multiple audio feature. It sucks having to download the same movie twice to get different language.
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    I could use some assistance

    Initial situation:
    movie.lng1.mp4, movie.lng2.mp4, movie.lng1.srt, movie.lng2.srt

    Desired result:

    with named languages and named subtitles and no recoding

    Many thanks in advance
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    Just download MKVToolNix, the GUI should be more than enough. Let us know if you need more help (and if you're using Windows or a flavour of Unix for this) :)
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    Thank you very much, I will try that.
  20. nochzunennen

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    Thanks, worked. :dance:
    I used MKVToolNix years ago. I was not very successful back then...
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