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    Replying to myself to add a few more comments....
    Although not an AnyDVD problem, Mike @ MakeMKV has issued some drive speed parameters and suggested configuration settings to read certain discs. So although it's not a problem with the program, his program has come up with a solution to some of the discs out there in the wild. As to whether Redbox studios titles are mastered a certain way on purpose to prevent a computer from reading it, a final answer remains to be seen, more research is needed.
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    Just a thought, have you tried enabling "settings - Drives - speed control" and trying the three options? I am not saying this is the answer, just making a suggestion based on the post from Krawk above stating that "Mike @ MakeMKV has issued some drive speed parameters and suggested configuration settings to read certain discs"
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    I have the same issue. I can’t rip Blu-ray disks from my internal drive, I have to use an external USB drive. DVDs work fine in my internal drive and not my external.

    I’m thinking about getting a SATA to USB3 converter box but I’m concerned neither will work. My new computer doesn’t have a 5.25” drive slot so I have my internal drive from a previous computer sitting on the floor next to the case with cables from the MoBo and PS. Frustrating as hell!

    Here’s what I am considering. Anyone have experience with it.
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    Pleasantly surprised that a RB movie "Shadow in the Cloud" was seen by my PC.
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    I had a similar problem with Ava. It would not read on any of my LG drives. I also have pioneer drives and putting the AVA disk in, it would read with no problems. I read somewhere that redbox movies is testing the drive and if there is a certain block code on the LG drive, it would fail to read the disk. I am finding that the Pioneer drives work perfectly.
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    I would love a link to the article.
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    I found the info on makemkv forum.
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    Conspiracy theory? ;)