No HDR/DV on compressed UHD-blu-rays on OPPO 203

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by mvb, Feb 27, 2019.

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    every UHD i try to compress onto a BD-R 25/50 (1:1 Copy) doesn't show any HDR/DV triggering on oppo 203 while playing, only washed out colors. The Info-Button on the player shows source as SDR.

    Compressed with another product i normaly wouldn't prefer every 1:1 copy i do works fine.

    Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? Example-Logs attached.


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  2. Pete

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    By 1:1 copy you don't mean it in the actual sense of "bit by bit uncompressed copy"?

    Can you please do the following:
    use the latest beta, select "partial copy" as you did with the Revenant, on the selection page, play back the main title and after just 3-5 seconds click on the right scissor tool to mark the end.
    So you'll be selecting the first few seconds to copy.
    Then on the output page select "output to folder" and make sure, that the size slider is not to the full right, otherwise there will be no compression. Actually, pull it to the far left, quality is not of interest here.

    Then create the miniature copy and please post the resulting m2ts file here (for The Revenant it would be 00600.m2ts).
    The first few seconds should be blackness, so a) the output would be very small and b) you won't be hurting any copyright ;)

    The HDR info should be in the output roughly once per second, so that should be enough for analysis.
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    Strange thing is: if i select the m2ts directly, it plays correct with hdr.

    But if i play the whole folder, everything is SDR.

    As soon as i'm at home i create the snippet. But as i said, the m2ts should play fine. It is a problem playing the whole folder with chapters etc. Maybe something wrong with the playlist?
  4. Reto

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    Thank you for this information, that was important.
    Please try version, it may fix your problem.
  5. mvb

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    Compressing just now. Let's see.

    Thanks for the fast answer
  6. mvb

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    Hello Reto,

    unfortunately it didn't work as expected. The TV now recognizeses Dolby Vision / HDR, but displays wrong colors and a blocky video.
    Even if i try to play the m2ts directly: the same.

    I attached a picture of how it looks like

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    @Pete: i created a snippet like you suggested

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    Maybe it would help if someone could tell me which files would have to be patched for the oppo 203 so i could provide these files from a working copy?