Nero Showtime now with Blu-ray Support

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by wdgoldstein, Mar 20, 2007.

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    At home most HTPC users are probably using very expensive speaker setups (in general, at home, a good 6.1 or 7.1 surround system will kill 2 channel speaker setups).

    These headphones aren't super cheap--but they aren't music reference headphones either like the hi-end stuff that Sennheinser makes. The sound in each channel is clear, and I can hear the separation. I've tried $1000 headphones with movies. I still prefer the Medusa 5.1 surrounds. Much better experience (there is a little hiss at time in the rears if the volume is too high or during some quieter moments, but otherwise, they are very decent for the price; you can find them for 120-180 U.S., so they aren't that pricey--but clearly they aren't super hi-end either).

    Only with 2 channel music . . .

    The portables are USB, and the other ones plug into its own proprietary amp that then plugs into your soundcard. I have both sets:

    Regardless, no movie playback software should be forcing me to listen to inferior soundtracks.
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    I wouldn't argue with multichannel for home use. I don't have my computer hooked up to the TV for watching DVDs (it's hardware really isn't that great, though my soundcard does have Dolby and DTS decoding), I do use a Denon AVR-4806CI receiver... and I'd never consider switching back to stereo sound (though I do when the original source material was in mono or stereo, and I have a choice about it in the tracks; like aspect ratios, I prefer watching something the way it was originally intended to be seen/heard).

    But on the move, a mere 2 channels on headphones has never really bothered me, as long as the headphones are high-quality. Half the time I'm listening to music anyway, which I hate listening to in a simulated multichannel unless it's an actual DVD-A or SACD and realy meant to be heard that way. Unfortunately, though, there are no portable SACD or DVD-A players... there should be, IMO, then I may invest in multichannel headphones.
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    Hmm . . . I'm not sure I would recommend these ones for audiophiles. I prefer e-shures or Seinhennsier cans for 2 channel music sources. I mostly use these Medusa ones for gaming and for movies when I travel. They're pretty decent for the price. Not sure that I would recommend them for music . . .
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    installed the new update now my nero disccopy gadget is gone on the vista side bar.and its no where to be found in my gadgets anyone know where I would look for this at.
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  6. Octavean

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    For what its worth, this screen shot shows Nero Showtime with a "Blu-Ray" logo and a “DTS” logo:
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    Hi :)
    re: For what it's worth.
    Not a lot really.
    In practice if you have DTS or BD or HD. When going to play that format it tells you that you need a plugin. (See attached)
    Click on buy now & you're taken to a webpage with plugins. All of which are already included if you have Nero 7 Full (Reloaded/Ultra).
    There's no DTS or BD or HD plugin whatsoever.


    Webpage taken to if you click buy:
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    Hi :)
    If using PowerDVD 7.


    Says it all really. :D
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  10. kyrunner

    kyrunner Well-Known Member

    anyone ever figure out about the hd dvd and blu-ray plugin
  11. Octavean

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    I’m going to e-mail them. It takes a dog’s age before they respond but I want to hear this from the horse’s mouth. The last time I e-mailed them on the subject of HD DVD / BD playback this was the “eventual “ response:

    BTW, as I understand it, Nero Home for example has HD DVD disc format support but this refers to HD DVD data burning specifically.

    I suspect that in the labs they have much of this already worked out but a poor implementation that “leaks” protected intellectual property could cost them more then their pride and reputation,….which could add additional delays.

    So a screenshot is one thing but an actually available product that you can put to use is quite another.

    Once that plug-in is up though their servers are going to get pounded,……hard!
  12. khlb

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    I had no previous installation of Nero 7 before I installed and yes the gadget installed itself correctly. Perhaps uninstall of the former - with help of a Clean Tool will help.
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  13. mick2006

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    Has anyone actually been able to play a blu ray title yet with this new update, and as for the HD DVD support I certainly don't see the plug in either on their site. They say it is available in their store, but it isn't.
  14. Octavean

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    Good question,......
  15. wdgoldstein

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    Copy Gadget

    Has anyone found out yet how to install the Dick Copy Gadget after installation of In my case I uninstalled the OLD version before install of the latest and it is not available in the Gadgets available window.
  16. kyrunner

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    same here I can't get the disccopy gadget back either,plus when I go to watch a HD-DVD asking me for a plugin thats not your guess is as good as mine.maybe send nero a email and ask them and post back to us.
  17. wdgoldstein

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    Support request filed same day as release. No answer as yet.
  18. overmind

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    i tried playing a blu ray disc with the latest Nero Showtime and got a message saying that Nero Showtime doesn't support Blu ray or HD-DVD discs as of yet. It seems a bit of false advertising on the Nero website to me.
  19. roog

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    Nero does not work with an original blu-ray disc with AnyDVD HD enabled. Tried the backup as well. Does not work with AnyDVD HD disabled either.

    Except for burning with verify, I hate Nero. CloneDVD2 Dudes/Babes, please add verify to the burn option!
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    Actually it does not advertise playback of commercial Blu-ray titles anywhere (it does so for HD-DVD though). It only says it supports creation and playback of discs in BDAV format. This is the format developed primarily for use in digital recorders, camcorders etc. The format used to distribute movies is called BDMV.

    I don't really understand why people are so excited about Nero ShowTime and its alleged yet non-existent support of Blu-ray. Despite the presence of a few bugs PowerDVD is indeed a very good player. Definitely better than any alternative currently on the market.

    P.S.: BTW, plug-in is already available for some countries - Price is USD 29.99.
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