Nero Showtime now with Blu-ray Support

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    More Nero Woes

    Disabling the Multi-Monitor support got rid of the Graph error. Now the software says it can't read the disc. More Vaporware I'm afraid and they had the nerve to charge for it!!! Their tool says my system is ready for HD-DVD. I won't even try the BD as according to all the posts here it is not working as yet.
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    Nero works fine with everything

    I don't have a clue where everyone is getting all their software from, but I have the full Nero package and everything works fine for me. I have BD and HDD burners, and can create and burn both fine. I can play back both formats fine too.
    Everyone who is having problems is doing something totally wrong.
    I'll post screen shots shortly for you, but I can't figure out why people are having trouble.
  3. blue ray reader burner for movies

    Ok does anyone know of a blue ray burner that actually will burn blue ray movies? Or for that matter a blue ray reader that will read blue ray movies?:confused:
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    Post your hardware and software configuration please.
  5. roog

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    Please post your hardware and software configuration if you're having problems.
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    Background on BD/HD

    I'm using the Liteon LH-2B1S for Bluray

    Just to note for EVERYONE
    You need a few things to get everything to work correctly, I didn't realise how much I already had in place when I made my prior comment.
    You must have an HDCP compliant video card
    You must have the HDCP related software updates and drivers for Windows or Linux (If you're ghosting windows)
    You must have an HDCP compliant monitor (be it computer monitor or home HDTV monitor)

    I have dual 8800GTX 768s for my video cards. I think about the cheapest cards that support HDCP are the 8800GTS 512s at about $350 Try Newegg if your card is not compliant.

    @roog do you want my full system spec sheet?
  7. roog

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    Sure. Why not? I'd like to know what monitor you have.

    Also, are you referring to Nero Showtime playback when you say a system has to be fully HDCP compliant or are you referring to BD burning? You don't need a HDCP compliant monitor for playback with AnyDVD HD.
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    There is no such thing as an 8800 series card with 512MB of RAM if that was what you were referring to. There are 8800GTS 320MB cards at about ~$259 and 8800GTS 640MB cards at about ~$350 but there are currently no 512MB versions.

    8800 series cards work rather well with respect to hardware acceleration and HD DVD / Blu-ray playback but it isn’t necessary to go that high-end in order to get the job done. If you are buying a new video card though, you would do yourself an injustice by buying a card that does not support HDCP. The same goes for a monitor too regardless of the prowess of AnyDVD HD.
  9. lostinlodos

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    I use my TV for most things. :)
    I'm not sure if you need it for burning too, but I would hazard to guess you do. If AnyDVD solves some of those issues then this whole thread may become outdated soon. It's just the most logical starting point if you're having trouble. Most of my playback works most of the time on my system though there are blips and stuff still occasionally. I haven't gotten around to buying AnyDVDHD yet. That's my next upgrade in line. :agree:

    Oops, :doh:
    Ohkay then, buy a 640 meg card for $350. I posted that by memory so don't be too harsh. :disagree:
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    Actually, what I was trying to say was that the 8800GTS series while very good for hardware assisted Blu-ray and HD DVD decode of VC-1 and H.264 encoded media, it isn’t really necessary or the only option.

    NVIDIA and ATI HDCP Compatible Graphics Cards Roundup

    There are an abundance of HDCP cards many of which are not 8800 series class cards or even nVidia based cards. ATI makes HDCP compliant cards too.

    I don’t know how informed or ethical it would be to simply knee-jerk to an 8800 series card recommendation (let alone the more expensive 640MB GTS version) given the large number of options that are out there. One should first know what the full intended use of the card would be as well as the users preference with respect to game play (if at all) and brand (NVIDIA / ATI).

    In other words, just because you and I have an 8800 series cards doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the world should too or would given the option. I think the 8800 series is great but it isn’t for everyone.

    I’m not trying to be harsh, I just don’t want someone to run out and buy a card that they cannot afford or even want because they were misinformed.


    People can probably get their foot in the HDCP + hardware acceleration door for about ~$115 with an Radeon X1600 PRO HDMI / HDCP card. A 7600 GS HDMI / HDCP card would probably cost about ~$150 but prices may vary.

    The 8800 Ultra may be coming out soon. 8900 series cards should be out soon as well such as the 8950GTX2. Lower priced 8000 series cards such as the 8600GT / 8600GTS should arrive in due time. ATI’s new X2900xxx series of cards should be out at about the same time since nVidia’s offerings will likely be a counter launch. The X2000 series has some very interesting features too such as on board audio processing.
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    That's not really what I was getting at though reading it back it did come across that way. nVidia has a bunch of supporting cards. The 8800 series is their most advanced STABLE line, but there are plenty of other choices. Some as low as $99. The only thing I really push for on HD is to make sure you have atleast 512Mb on the card. Anything less you'll run into trouble eventually.

    I find it hard to recommend ATI at all for anyone who is interested in movies (like the people at this site) or games. They're just poorly designed. They work wonderfully for the standard business computer but they fight everything you want to do with them that's not standard. And don't even think about performance tweaks on them. I have a bad habit of frying them; a problem I never had with nVidia. Also they are slow to release Nx drivers and most Linux software has trouble supporting ATI cards.
  12. roog

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    I like both NVidia and ATI products. Without the competition, it would be like buying a video card from Microsoft. ATI has been producing video cards for use with TV and DVD content much longer than NVidia and has always been praised for the output quality. Prove to me that you can use an NVidia video card to display 1080p content on a 1080p HDTV without overscan, and I'll consider switching to their products.
  13. Octavean

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    I think roog makes a good point.

    While I have an 8800 series card (great cards BTW) I don’t confine myself to buying only nVidia cards and in fact I own a number of ATI cards that have performed acceding well for my needs. These cards have done very well with “High Definition” media on primarily Media Center Edition PCs. Some have also overclocked very well.

    I think there is enough Polarization or slanted inclinations with respect to NVIDIA / ATI as it is and I see no reason to perpetuate it.

    The facts are that both nVidia and ATI have viable HDCP capable solutions for HD DVD and Blu-ray decode. All the benchmarks that I have seen in this respect seem to indicate that nVidia’s most current HDCP capable solutions take more of the load off the CPU but I wont use this as a vehicle to push an agenda or preference between the two companies instead opting for an impartial dispersal of the available facts.

    In other words, I try to make people aware of the available options and let them decide for themselves rather then to attempt to make the decision for them.

    If a user prefers nVidia then fine I have no problem pointing out that there are a number of nVidia Products to choose from. If a user prefers ATI, then fine I have no problem pointing out that there are ATI solutions to fit their needs.
  14. lostinlodos

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    Well put. See this thread for a better understanding of where I was headed when I posted here about nvidia. Especially the last paragraph.
    My suggestion would be to try things out before you buy. Some stores are good for buying (Frys, Amazon) and others are good for shopping and discovering before you buy. For those in the States, go to your local BestBuy store to check out computer components. For TVs/Monitors go to Tweeter (dark low-light settings match your home better; never test a TV/monitor in a major department store). Ask for help, ask for demonstrations. Especially concerning HD, everyone sees it slightly differently. Chose the one your happy with, not what your friend, neighbour, or an internet blogger says is good.
  15. roog

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    Check out this thread It discusses the Nvidia 8800 overscan problem.
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    ShowTime help

    Nero ShowTime blu-ray and HD do not play very well in XP (Drops frames) but in Vista it works perfectly. Has anyone been able to resolve this problem? Both OS's are fresh install, same verson drivers ETC.
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    hmmm... not seen that. Showtime is the one program that works in every way for me... except the PQ is not as good as PDVD or TMT. But it'll play ripped and stripped hdd EVO and M2TS files. And they all played fine, no jerkiness, dropped frames or other problems, other than the PQ. I had to manually darken the picture and do some other tweaks but it just was not great. So I heard TMT now supports EVO and M2TS files but upon playing, many of them crash the program, or there is no sound. PDVD is out due to lack of hdd playability. So I'm back to Nero Showtime. Sadly there was a noticeable difference in PQ tho... event he wife commented on it.

    Altho I'm going to try reloading XP and NOT putting on the leaked SP3 update... maybe that will get TMT working correctly.
  18. SwissyJim

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    re-installed WinXP MCE2005 last night, and tried Nero as well as TMT with nothing else loaded. Nero PQ seems to look a LOT better, and TMT still has errors playing about half the EVO files. Nero showtime plays them all without fail.

    back to Showtime for me!