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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by marinus, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. marinus

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    Hi everyone.

    The game im trying to back-up is :bowdown:MAX PAYNE:bowdown: by Remedy.

    -I just bought clonecd of the net and downloaded clony xxl, deamon tools, betablocker.

    -my OS is win xp pro SP2.

    -I have an aopen crw 4048 burner.

    I can make an image and play it with deamon but i cant get a working cd copy.
    I have a whole lot of questions/frustrasions about the various aspects of the copying process, but Ill save them for later.
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Try game Jackal as it is made to not need the CD.
  3. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    You won't be able to run the game without emulation, and Clonecd does not provide emulation.

    Slysoft's emulation program is basically called Game Jackal, but that still won't make a cd/dvd backup work.
    Game Jackal tends to use smaller profiles/images than Daemon tools.
  4. marinus

    marinus Guest

    I can play the game strait from my hdd without using a cd. (running the image file created by clonecd with deamons virtual drive) This works perfect.

    But I cant make an image(using cloneCD), and then burn it on a CD, and be able to play.(from that CD)
  5. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Yeah, that's because daemon tools is providing emulation for the image file that you mounted in the virtual drive--but not for the cd.

    And Clonecd does not provide emulation for its backups.
  6. marinus

    marinus Guest

    So wich program can I use to make a copy that is just like the original and does not need another program for it to run afterwards, in other words a REAL 1:1 copy. (starting to feel a little ripped off by SLYSFT)
  7. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Max Payne is a Securom 4.8 protected disc, I think. It's possible that you might be able to make a backup using a twin peaks method. But that method does not work with all drives, and it's not a true 1:1 copy.

    For more recent Securom 7.x protected games, the answer to your question is "nothing". You need emulation, or your backups won't work. Period.
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  8. Charlie

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    In short you weren't ripped off as there is no 100% sure way to do these discs now days and be 1:1 so this is why it was suggested to use Game Jackal which is better and there is no need for a copy to play nor the original.
  9. marinus

    marinus Guest

    that twinpeak program looks interesting, but let me give a little more detailes maby itll help:

    -when i use clony xxl it tells me the protection is SafeDisc V2.51

    this might be right cause the original CD has demoshield/installshield files, and i believe thats macrovisions.

    -When I make an image of the original with clonecd it gets to 100% (with error skipping starting at 97%) I can succesfully instal and play the game with this image, using deamon. No problems.

    -If I use betablocker to fix those error sections at the end I ruin my image cause now even deamon wont play the game anymore.
  10. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    That's the wrong program to be using to detect protection. Clony is no longer developed.

    click and start answering the questions (especially look at #6)
  11. marinus

    marinus Guest

    6. Did that. It too came up with SafeDiscV2.51:
    Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe
    File Type : Exe, Size : 5941010 (05AA712h) Bytes
    -> File has 972562 (0ED712h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 04BD000h
    [!] Safedisc 2.51.020 detected !
    - Scan Took : 0.89 Seconds

    7. Max Payne (In case you forgot)
    10.the box says MADE IN USA
    11. pentium 4
    12. aopen crw4048
    14. the post would become to long if I posted my image making log here
    lets say that it failed to read Sector 347779-357324, but i used error skip so it finshed nicely

    15. ===============================================
    Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.3.2.0

    Upper Device Filter: redbook
    Upper Class Filter: GEARAspiWDM
    Device: CD/DVD-ROM Device
    Lower Class Filter: PxHelp20
    Lower Class Filter: ElbyCDFL
    Lower Device Filter: [None Found]

    Filter Name: redbook
    File Name: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\redbook.sys
    File Version: 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)
    File Description: Redbook Audio Filter-stuurprogramma
    Product Name: Besturingssysteem Microsoft® Windows®
    Product Version: 5.1.2600.2180
    Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
    Copyright: © Microsoft Corporation. Alle rechten voorbehouden.

    Filter Name: GEARAspiWDM
    File Name: C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\GEARAspiWDM.sys
    File Version:
    File Description: CD/DVD Class Filter Driver
    Product Name: GEAR.wrks
    Product Version: 8.xx []
    Company Name: GEAR Software Inc.
    Copyright: Copyright (c) GEAR Software Inc. 2006

    16. Ill do that
    17. TraxData, TDK
    18.Low 4x / 8x
    19.just did that, (havent tried yet, but ill dought thats the problem)

    You asked for it...
  12. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    O.k. I guess Max Payne 2 is the securom protected disc:

    You can toss all I said about twinpeaks out the window; it only applies to earlier versions of securom

    The problem is your drive; it's a hardware limitation: click

    "The AOpen EHW-4048U was disappointing when trying to backup protected discs. The AWS (Amplify Weak Sectors) didn't show any improvement and the produced discs did not play in any CD/DVD-ROM drives we tested"

    Under "Negative" the review states, "Cannot backup protected discs!"

    In case you're wondering, programs (Nero Infotool, for one) were identifying the drive as CRW4048.
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  13. marinus

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    hahaha a few days ago i ordered a 'new' pextor px 760 sa of the net it should be arriving any day now. you think it would make a difference
  14. marinus

    marinus Guest

    if not what can I do about it?
  15. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    PX-760sa is a SATA burner, by the way

    It might possibly for Max Payne, since that uses an older version of safedisc, but for the latest games it won't. Nothing will. You do need emulation of some sort (virtual drives or GameJackal).
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  16. marinus

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  17. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    The Asus 1612Bl you linked to did pass the 3 sheep test (so it can make backups up to version 2.90 of Safedisc protected games, but Safedisc versions are well beyond version 2.90 now). As for making a difference--no, not with the latest protections.
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  18. Charlie

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  19. marinus

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    Is that a bad thing? (when i ordered it i was wondering the same thing)
  20. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    You're using an older cd-rw burner that uses an IDE interface. If you have an old computer, you may not have SATA connections on your motherboard. If that's true, then the burner you ordered won't work.