List of BD+ Discs/Revocation Issues

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  1. Stormlord

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    For me just enabeling dep for windows services only en disabeling for all the rest worked on POTC, but that is not to say that the problem is the same - only that it appears similar (black screen and nothing more).
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    Peer - can BD+ really harm my drive and make it inoperable ? I am scared to try ripping BD discs with BD+
    Any idea when this will be resolved so I can go back to ripping my Blu-ray movies ?
  3. James

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    Why oh why do people never listen... I'm telling this since the beginning: use HD DVD.
  4. LINUS

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    James, I hope you do not entertain this as official company policy now, i.e. no support for BD anymore. I'd personally regret this although I have no preferences towards one of the Next Gen formats.

    Simply put: There are so few Next Gen titles that it would be definitely very regrettable if one had to abandon one of the two formats.

    AnyDVDHD is a great software, but it is even greater supporting both Next Gen formats.

    I count on you.

    Please keep up the good work!
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  5. Stormlord

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    To be clear: I do not work for Sony, MPAA/RIAA or anything similar...

    - there aren't that many worthwhile titles on HD DVD yet, let alone here in Belgium where Blu Ray definately has higher sales and/but sales of both players are still fairly low. Bluray has a plus on number of commercial players sold by means of more models available here + ofcourse playstation 3.

    - In some cases, according to user reviews on e.g. Amazon - the Blu Ray discs are also better mastered than the HD DVD ones.

    - HD DVDs main edge is that it is backed by Toshiba in laptops and by Microsoft (X-BOX360) - but sales numbers on the X-BOX360 are much lower than on PS3 over here...

    - Blu Ray has higher capacity per disc (definately better for datastorage), and there are much more blank media and burner more readily available to the endusers (HD DVD is currently mainly OEM business).

    - Blu Ray has better marketing than HD DVD (definately, I hardly every see publicity here stating "also available on HD DVD" or similar - i'ts moslty Blu Ray, Blu Ray, ... )

    - Blu Ray has better protection possibilities, making it harder to make copies (not at all interesting for us, but a plus for the movie industry). Note that I think these people have the right to protect their media from begin copied illegaly. However I think it's also pretty useless an investment for them, and there is no real return on investment on the kind of money they are investing in it... Additionally, it will also create many support issues when legit discs won't play in just any player (as they should). I also disagree with any form of trojan/invader/rootkey like behaviour. I don't think the industry would care if users really only used that for "fair use", i.o.w. backing up a disc for own use - but the reality is that many people claim to use it for that, but in reality use it to pirate movies and spread them to friends, family etc... My question to the industry here : why not provide a cheaper replacement copy option to your customers if a disc is damaged and they can prove they have the original? (send in the original disc or similar). Personally, I do not copy movies to hdd and burn them again: I only use AnyDVD HD to be able to play back my purchased Blu Ray and HD DVD discs from my PC. All of my current titles were purchased in the USA (I'm located in Europe).

    - Two things I grossly detest about about both Blu Ray is regioncoding and the terrible HDCP protocol. I mean: "minor" oversight people!!?
    1) no dual link DVI/HDMI support? (i.o.w. no support for >1920x1080p screens if HDCP is active) --> at the moment AnyDVD HD fixes this
    2) no playback on pc's that have a dual monitor digital connection? I Mean: In what era do the people who designed this protocol live? --> at the moment AnyDVD HD fixes this

    HD DVD does not have regioncoding, but still HDCP...

    This is why I think Blu Ray will sell better than HD DVD.

    You, James, on the other hand - "should" find Blu Ray more interesting, since that is where your software makes sense and where you can proof your worth. As far as HD DVD goes, it should be much easier for you to handle since thusfar there haven't really been any major options to change the protection system on HD DVD, where has Blu Ray has BD+ - which I fully agree - has some potential dangers in it.

    I would think of it as a "challange". I fully get why you want people to sponsor HD DVD: it will make your life & their life easier ;) But: as I said, both technologically, in terms of title release, blank media & recorders HD DVD already seems quite a bit behind - atleast over here ... Ofcourse, this may vary in other markets...

    I have both a Blu Ray writer and HD DVD player (external Xbox device), and there already devices that support both formats on the market.

    I'm expecting to see a second DVD+-R debacle... And it's not always the technically best that wins. In the past Sony had a technically better tape solution than VHS. Sony brought many new ideas to the public, but many attempts unfortunately also fail... Not always because it was bad tech though.

    Sony may be a huge player in the movie and audio business, and I definately do not condone everything they do - but their competitors are most likely not a hair better if they were in their position. I mean: people like Microsoft, Toshiba/Panasonic (Matsushita) etc.. aren't exactly small industry fry and they don't exactly have a clean slate in my book either...
  6. SamuriHL

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    Wow, you guys need to relax. :D James and Peer have the PERSONAL opinion that HD DVD is the better format. That does NOT mean they won't support Blu-ray. They've always said they are committed to both's just that if Blu-ray happened to fall under the bus they'd not lose any sleep over it. :) The simple fact is, Blu-ray is a *VERY* consumer UNfriendly format. Region coding, BD+, and very expensive hardware compared to HD DVD. Now they're trying to make it so backups won't even play on the majority of devices. Yey. What a GREAT format they have there. At least with HD DVD you can import a title from anywhere in the world and it'll play on your player. No BD+, either. And, mandatory managed copy in the future. Anyway, just because the employees of Slysoft give their opinion that Blu-ray is a sucky format, does NOT mean they're going to stop supporting it. They've already said they're hard at work on BD+. So, again, relax. :)
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    Hi Guys

    Sorry if I appear to be clueless or if this has been posted anywhere else but I've just bought Anydvd hd to play Region 1 bluray films on my pc as I have a region 2 Ps3 and wondered if BD+ only affects backing up the films instead of playing them.

    I have no wish to rip the films but would rather just play uncut region 1 films such as the Die Hard boxset that's due out at the end of the month.

    I've thought of changing the region to 1 but if I did, would Anydvdhd still be able to change the region adhoc?

    Many thanks

  8. colinhunt

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    You're out of luck. AnyDVD HD can't help you play BD+ protected region A discs on your region B PS3.
  9. DetroitBaseball

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    Actually it could when they add support for BD+ if you burned a ripped copy of the movie which would be region free.
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    Hi. I have seen posts here for a while. I want to add some info. I once worked for some BDA companies but no more. I also saw bd+. I think some things you say are right and some wrong :disagree:

    Drive revocation is AACS, not bd+! that is what stops you from ripping old discs once you play new ones. Host certificate is revoked in mkbv4.

    bd+ is a vm and a program from each disc. The trick is to change the program on every disc! That is what James :bowdown: will have to crack on every disc. It is why bd+ is harder than aacs. AACS is player security. When the player is hacked, all discs are also!

    bd+ does nothing with f/w updates! I heard fox finds some players broken with java when testing F4. They put a message on the disc to show this. bd+ means -disc- is updated, not f/w.

    BDA is not only sony! each company can do how it wants. So some keep supporting old players, some do not. Some issue fast f/w updates to fix problems, some take time.

    I hope to help explain it to you. Please know I can not answer hacker questions. :D :D
  11. colinhunt

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    Yeah, of course. But that's in the (possible) future, not right now. My answer was about the present day.
  12. trw_mavrik

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    What I meant was that I have a PS3 which plays Region 2 discs plus I bought a Sony BluRay drive for my htpc which is what I use to play Region 1 discs on. I've bought a few Region 1 discs and they play fine but I was wondering about simply playing BD+ originals instead of ripping them.

    Will it play BD+ originals?

    Sorry if I came across a bit muddled.


  13. Adbear

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    if you mean will the PC drive play BD+ then yes it will, it's not down to the drive but down to the software you use to play back with
  14. colinhunt

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    You didn't; I just missed the part where you mentioned a PC.

    It's like Adbear commented. BD+ won't prevent you from playing the discs on your PC. You only need to use player software that is BD+ compatible. PowerDVD should be, I think.
  15. trw_mavrik

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    Hi guys

    Many thanks for the replies!


  16. James

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    Simply put: If everybody abandons one format, only the other remains. Fox & Disney will jump ship faster than you even could possibly imagine.

    And everybody mentally sane shouldn't root for the team that is so willing to throw away fair use without a second thought.

    But you can feel lucky, if you take the time to read my signature, you'll see that my ramblings do *not* represent company policy. :D If my boss hadn't forced me to do it, there would have been no Blu-ray support in AnyDVD HD.
    Me: Region code removal form BD discs? Hey, let the idiots who bought that crap suffer!
    Boss: But that idiots pay your salary.
    Me: (... starts working ... )
  17. LINUS

    LINUS Beta Tester

    Thank you. I get your meaning. Never will I be anything but grateful, please don't get me wrong ;)
    But you have my sympathy having to wade to all the BD+ nonsense ....

    Asking me to stay away from BR is just like asking an addict to stay away from his poison, no matter how much sense it would make in the long run ;)
  18. SamuriHL

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    I know how you feel. I got berated when I bought my PS3 this summer. :D But the simple fact is, right now I want my movies in HD, and unfortunately not all movies are on HD DVD. Now, that being said, I'll go out of my way to get the HD DVD version if there is one. Even if that means having to import it. But some movies are only on BD which really sucks. For me, I'm doing my best to support the HD DVD camp, but, when there's no other option I'll get the BD over DVD...
  19. James

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    OT: Did you take the time to read the PS3 Eula? A little scary, don't you think?

    Collection of Non-Personally Identifying Information Through PSN
    SCEA may also collect information such as your IP address, IP address-related information, network configurations, your network devices, peripherals, USB devices, plug-ins and monitors, information from your PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system unit and information about how you use PSN and your PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system unit, including, for example, downloads, game activity (including game title name and length of play), forum postings, game profile, rankings and presence on Friends list or block list (collectively, “passive information”). This type of information will be collected even for offline gameplay. SCEA may also place cookies on your PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system unit’s hard drive. Cookies are bits of electronic information that keep records of the places you have visited on PSN and to keep track of your purchases on PSN.
    We may use your personally identifying information and records for defense in a lawsuit, investigation or other action if your personally identifying information, records or profiles are relevant to the lawsuit, investigation or action.
    We may also disclose your personally identifying information to other Sony Computer Entertainment companies, Sony affiliates and certain third parties that we have engaged to assist us in providing the PSN service to you, including facilitating online game services, including customer services, or maintaining our database records. This includes, but is not limited to, fulfillment houses, transaction managers, credit card services, online network services and data management companies.
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    does the xbox 360 have anything similar?