Lifetime licenses? Why keep them?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sabertooth, Mar 6, 2016.

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  1. Jatofan

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    And then another, who tells me about the flat earth :LOL:
    In short, I'm happy for you :cool:
  2. RedFox 1

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    Look, you spoke your piece now move on. I am happy for you too. So if you do not have anything further to add , its been nice seeing you again.
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  3. Campbell Milton

    Campbell Milton New Member

    I am an absolute fan of Slysoft, so now I guess I am transferred to Red Fox. I have advocated Slysoft as a product on 2 continents, whilst I was in the US, and now in Aus. I hope that we will be kept up to date on what is happening. I would be glad to donate once I can, but since I am without a job, that's not an option. I love my life time license, but reality changes, so I will have to. Hopefully things will be as is for the moment, but since I recommend slysoft/redfox a lot, I hope we get up-dated on what is happening. I bought the licenses in all but one product, the game controller, since I don't use the games as much as I should, and what I loved about Slysoft was that I could buy from around the world and still get to use my DVDs, Blu-ray and anything that seemed unfair. If I pay for a product, I should be allowed to use it, such as region "protected" products. So many discs were cool on my big 5.1 sound computer in the US because of Slysoft. So I love the way it helped me buy films that were region 0 , 4, 6 and etc for use on region 1 machines. I did have a DVP series disc player for my TV in the US, but the sound was not as good as my computer until I got a zone free blu-ray player for my 50 inch TV. Now I am in Australia, without a job, and finding IT work a total lockout. Love that Slysoft has been kept alive and hope everyone goes from strength to strength. Thanks for all the time so far, and may you have many more years. Not just for me, but for all who love what Slysoft did for them. Hopefully I can be in on the future, I just need to get a job, but I love the way Slysoft had the best support of any company in the US that I ever dealt with. I hope that my recommends are still followed by people who love the product as I do. Hopefully I can still continue to recommend what I believe to be a genuinely essential product.
  4. Andrew Ryan

    Andrew Ryan New Member

    I have held a lifetime license for AnyDVD HD for about 8 years now I think. I bought the program after using a trial version. I was impressed to the roof with it. I was deployed non stop in the military. And I didnt have room to carry 800 plus movies around with me in any format. Then I found ANYDVD. It allowed me to go on my deployment and bring the vast collection of movies I had with me. The ability to back up my discs and image them so I could watch them while in the middle of the ocean made my time gone much better.

    I can definitely say I got my moneys worth on my license and it did the job I bought it for several times over as I continue to travel and bring my collection with me today. I would be lying if I said I didnt want my lifetime key to be re-validated if and when a new solution comes along. That being said I would happily pay all over again. The flexibility it has provided me has been worth every penny. I travel a lot for work as does my wife. So we like having the ability to make the copies of our discs so we have the movies to pull from on our trips.

    So if the team opts to continue the program and offer new licenses I will be in line to get one. And if they do not, just a big thank you. Thank you for the years of support, the endless behind the scenes dedication to a product that made so many peoples lives easier to consume their video libraries.
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  5. fordman

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    It is sad that this approach is being taken for AnyDVD lifetime licenses. Luckily I also purchased "the other product" as a backup, and since they are located in a country that seems more impervious to copyright law, I expect they'll be up longer. Also, I don't know if anyone else noticed but that other company was GIVING AWAY A LIFETIME LICENSE TO THEIR PASSKEY PRODUCT during November 2015! They also gave away a lifetime license to their Media Player application in September 2015, and you didn't even have to be a current customer to receive these free giveaways! So, I ask, if they can "afford" to do that, why can Redfox/Slysoft not afford to honor the AnyDVD lifetime licenses already paid for? These other products work just fine and keep updating...was it simply a ploy to gain market share? Whatever, but how awesome that a company created that opportunity, even if one was not a current customer of theirs? Looks like that will be my only tool of choice sad.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    What 'they' can afford is irrelevant, RedFox isn't dvdfab and doesn't have the same funds they have, period. Please do not advertise competing products in a RedFox specific forum section. That's what the 'third may products' section is for. If you like them so much, go with them. Nobody is forcing you to use anydvd.

    As far as (lifetime) licenses is concerned, everything that could be said had been said by now. When they're ready to release pricing and license types they will create a topic to do so. For now, locking this. This topic has served its purpose.
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