Kaby Lake Required for PowerDVD17

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by Lezyne, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Lezyne

    Lezyne New Member

    Can someone explain to me why you must have a kaby lake processor for PowerDVD17?
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    You don't need kaby lake for 17, you need it for UHD playback only as kaby lake is the first chipset that fully supports a technology called SGX which is required for UHD playback on PC.

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  3. Lezyne

    Lezyne New Member

    Does that mean that every UltraHD BluRay player has a Kaby Lake processor inside or do the players work differently?
  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    No, you can't compare standalone players with a PC system. Completely different technologies. A standalone player is a "closed" environment, a PC is not. SGX is meant to close the environment
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  5. eviltester

    eviltester Active Member

    No, so far as we have tested (I'll be making a extremely lengthy and detailed post soon based on our findings) none of the commercially available 4K UHD certified players that we have tested have any Intel chips in them.

    Our testing results may help others that are looking for alternate means as we have found some interesting tidbits.
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  6. MisterXDTV

    MisterXDTV Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to your findings!
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  7. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    I believe and I may be wrong but the kaby Lake 7th gen processors have to be in the PC, not the commercially available 4K UHD certified players. Again its my understanding, that you need a computer running a 7th Gen Intel Processor and a motherboard (Z270). Then you need a certified Bluray player , I have only seen 2 for computers, one by LG http://www.frys.com/product/9240599 and one by Pioneer https://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod...Vhl6GCh2VbAf-EAQYAiABEgKns_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds , then you need a 4K monitor or 4kTV with a 4K player. This is a very costly thing to do right now, I am sure the prices will come down in the future.
  8. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    In the end, the true stumbling block and why Kaby Lake is required is the built-in graphics. My Skylake 6700K and my Z170 mobo work with SGX via software capable but the Intel graphics in the CPU isn't up to snuff and no third-party card can do it due to lack of SGX or a comparable or accepted mechanism.
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  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    until descrete gfx cards are available (or nVidia/AMD updates the drivers with SGX support), i can't see UHD on PC really go anywhere. on-board gpu compared to a dedicated gfx card is like a Ford model-T vs Lamborgini Huracan
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  10. antipodes

    antipodes Well-Known Member

    Ch3vron are there any 4k PC available monitors and are any of them available in oled screens and is replay of uhd bd possible on laptops?
  11. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    A quick google: http://www.lg.com/us/4k-monitors naturally there's plenty more. and i don't see why it wouldn't be possible on a laptop if it meets the hard- & software requirements. I doubt you'll find a model though with an uhd slimdrive built in, but that's probably nothing an external drive can't fix. Though the bottleneck in that case might be the USB connection (unless it's type-C or thunderbolt based)
  12. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Not sure why the bottleneck would be the USB connection. Even USB 2 has a max bitrate of 480Mb/s so even if you take into account the bus access restraints which tends to drop it down to 280Mb/s that would still be way more than needed to play back a UHD Blu-ray
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  13. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    that's why i said MIGHT be ;) Not that it would be or there even be one.
  14. happyguy82

    happyguy82 Well-Known Member

    Strictly speaking you don't. Some Skylake processors support Intel SGX too. However, only Kaby Lake processors have integrated GPUs that can decode H.265 so Skylake might struggle because you can't use a dedicated graphics card.

    btw this is only if you plan to play 4K UHD discs.

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  15. happyguy82

    happyguy82 Well-Known Member

    btw, this whole 4K UHD requirements is in my opinion costing the studios more money because it deters people from buying the original discs and download rips on torrent sites instead, because the average Joe won't have the hardware to play them.

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