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    15 min into the movie using Copy 123 Platinum with Any DVD the screen tells you this is a copied movie and from that point it jumps from chapter to chapter in random order. Any help I could get will be greatly appreciated.

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    If this is a Blu-ray disc--and the log reveals that this is a Blu-ray disc, you have to post in the future any Blu-ray problems in the AnyDVD HD section, not the DVD section.

    A mod will move this thread eventually into the AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray) section.

    The link for the Blu-ray section is as follows:


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    Thanks for the note. I will get this in the proper forum.
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    Please do not double post and cross post. A moderator will move topics to the right section. Topic moved, duplicate one without logfile locked. Without a logfile we can't help you anyway

    They said sounds like screenpass and a developer will need to add data to the opd

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    I don't see any signs of Screen Pass on that disc - there is only one main movie playlist #800 using only one full-movie clip #187.
    I don't know that tool you're speaking of, but I'd try CloneBD (free for testing) and see if that works better.
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    Thank You. I will try it.
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