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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by rf4m3, Jan 13, 2022.

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    Tested with AS 1292 on Windows 10 & 11, NordVPN (US). Note: I have the same issue even with older AS version 1280, 1284, 1290. I think problem started around last month. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

    I can login to Hulu successfully on browsers, then pick a profile. However on AS, it never ask me to pick a profile.

    Below is the log message:

    00:00:00.438 - [Notice] AnyStream version (42)

    00:00:00.338 - [Notice] [browser:hulu] Startup provider...

    00:00:01.291 - [Notice] [hulu] Redirected to

    00:00:02.804 - [Warning] [hulu] assumed version 3.19.0

    00:00:03.572 - [Error] [hulu] Error receiving: 201 (403) Error transferring - server replied: Forbidden,

    00:00:03.572 - [Error] [hulu] {"error":{"id":"1461809a-04a4-416c-9265-c5502b29443c:1642100311","status":"403","name":"pin_required","message":"PIN is required but it's missing from the parameter.","timestamp":"2022-01-13T18:58:31Z"}}

    00:00:03.572 - [Error] [hulu] profile auth failed

    00:00:03.572 - [Error] [hulu] failed to switch profile

    00:00:03.584 - [Debug] [License] updated: available 99, timeToNext 1442

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  2. RedFox 1

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    That's your VPN, try it without the VPN, if it works without your VPN, its not an AS issue. If a VPN works, its fine, but AS was not made to work with VPNs. Try using a proxy. Nord sucks, all their IPs are blocked.
  3. rf4m3

    rf4m3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Redfox 1, for your suggestion. However I can't connect to Hulu without VPN as I am outside of US. If I have to replace my NordVPN, which provider would you suggest?

    PS. I will keep trying different US servers with NordVPN, so far Hulu is the only one I'm getting an error, all others (APV, NF, D+, HM) work fine.
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    Contact NordVPN for a server that supports Hulu.

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  5. RedFox 1

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    I don't use VPNs at all so I really could not recommend any of them. Nord is the cheapest that's why most people opt for it.Like I said, yes, a lot of people here are successful with a VPN but the program was not made to be used with them. The providers have been aware of VPN usage for awhile and they have blocked many of the IPs that VPNs use. Its a crap shoot.
  6. rf4m3

    rf4m3 Well-Known Member

    What I don't understand is why my NVPN can connect without any issues to Hulu on regular browsers but just not on AS. Isn't it kind of strange?

    On AS, it tried (super fast) to prompt me to choose my Hulu profile (but I never get to that screen), then the "Provider setup failed" error shows up.

    If I remember correctly when AS was working previously, I don't have any profiles & PIN in my Hulu. I think if I deleted profiles/PIN, Hulu should be accessible again on AS.
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  7. RedFox 1

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    My guess would be that they blocked your VPN IP. That's all I can tell you, and no I do not find that strange. AS was not made to use VPNs. That's doesn't mean you can't be successful. But in some cases is a bust. If AS works with Hulu but it doesn't when you use your VPN. My guess would be that your VPN has an issue.
  8. rf4m3

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    Issue resolved. Once I have deleted all my kid's profiles (leaving only mine which I can't delete) and removed the PIN (parental control), Hulu is accessible again in AS version 128x, 129x.

    Not sure why Hulu profiles (with PIN) don't work well in AS.
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