Has Anyone gotten Bolt to work?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by n8-the-great, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. mike_r

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    this means that the VOBs are transcoded. whatever is causing the 3% stop can only be done on the original (or a none-transcoded) copy.
  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    The error appearing on the direct rip while not with a backup appears to show that the protection is causing an issue. CloneDVD is more powerful in what it does when ripping when used with AnyDVD[/u. Unless something has changed, CloneDVD mobile doesn't handle the more complex structural protections as well straight from the disc. For these types of movies I recommend either ripping the entire DVD to the HDD with CloneDVD, ripping just the title you wish to make the converted backup of with CloneDVD to the HDD, or use the AnyDVD ripper via Rip Video DVD to harddisk... to the HDD and then using the files on the HDD as the source material for CloneDVD mobile.
  3. mike_r

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    I can confirm the problem happens in these cases:

    1. Direct from original disk
    2. From rip to HDD with AnyDVD
    3. Movie only copy produced by CloneDVD (transcoder disabled)

    apparently it does not occur (according to Jwerryraffe12 - I've not tested this yet, but will do it later)

    4. Full disk copy produced by CloneDVD (transcoder enabled)
  4. mike_r

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    Update !

    I transcoded the original of Bolt! at 95% with CloneDVD. I then passed the CloneDVD extract through CloneDVD-Mobile, and I can confirm that Mencoder.exe still hangs and fills up your TEMP directory.
  5. ChrisUserSS

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    Same Issue for me: Bolt, mencoder spikes full cpu and memory until machine runs out

    This happens at 3%.

    I have up-to-date versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVDMobile.

    It happens when I transcode directly from DVD (via AnyDVD).

    I have also Ripped the DVD to HDD with AnyDVD.
    It still happens when I transcode from this copy on the hdd.

    I bought this DVD directly from a retail shop.

  6. jrfuda

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    Anyone who was experiencing this problem finally get it to work (that has not already posted as such here). I'm trying to rip this and a lot of my kids other DVDs to divx for playback on our car video system. I've had no problems with anyother studios' films, but I cannot get Incredibles or Bolt to convert to Divx. I sucessfully got Incredibles to rip to my HDD using both AnyDVD's ripper and CloneDVD, but could get neither output version (full rip from AnyDVD or transcoded to DVD-5 size CloneDVD to convert using the generic divx profile. Hangs at 98% for Incredibles and 3% for Bolt.

    I'm going to try the full-rip techniques and transcode w/CloneDVD techniques with Bolt. My version of Bolt, which I purchased online from Amazon.com, has the volume label with RENTAL in it like many others here. I think that the single disc version of some movies are labeled that way now (I almost exclusivly purchase single disc DVDs, becuase I rarely watch the special features).
  7. jrfuda

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    Whatever the issue is, it appears to be related directly to CloneDVDMobile. I ripped the titles for Bolt with CloneDVD to my HDD and still got stuck at 3%... can't post a log becuase I have to terminate mencoder in taskmanager to get everything unhung, then CloneDVD Mobile aborts without offering me to save a log file.

    So, just for the heck of it, I tried using the commercial DivX Pro Converter, Version 7.1 (latest, I think) with their mpeg2 plugin. It was really slow (took about 2.5 hours) but it successfully converted the 5 VOBs that made up the movie into a single Divx file in the DivX Certified Home Theater Profile, and the video played back great (it's still just a mpg4 avi with a fourcc of dx50 instead of divx, for the most part. File came out at 720 x 400 instead of the 720 x 404 I get from CloneDVD Mobile, using my custom Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT profile, but it looks great.

    I'd still like to get this working with CDM, though.
  8. mike_r

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    It's not clear what version you are using. Bolt used to hang with older 1.6.x.x versions. We're up to Please update and try again.
  9. jrfuda

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    Sorry about that ommission; I was using the current release version - 1610. I had already tried the betas, but they crashed on my machine.

    I did, however, downgrade to 1201, and t worked great. After what I thought was success with the DivX convertor (ended up having lots of gray blank frames and audio issues), I decied to try one more thing.

    So, my issue is resolved using version 1201.

  10. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    Hmm, hopefully soon you will be able to upgrade to a version that does not crash your machine. Version fixed the 3% hang for Bolt for me.
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  11. jrfuda

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    Thanks, I think was one of the betas I did not try, so maybe I'll give it a try later, though - for now - is working fine.

    For some reason, when I click the link you provided, the forum tells me I'm not authorized to view it. No big deal.

    Thanks again.
  12. mike_r

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    I removed the link.
  13. Mobile

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    Still issue with DVDmobile and Bolt

    Well, I came back after a year to try again and still get the same lurching / stuttering affect when I try to convert the movie to a mobile version. The time segments where this is occurring for me are around 10m52s and 11m00s into the movie; I haven't check beyond these points for the same problem. I've tried the conversion from directly off the DVD and from a hard drive copy of the DVD movie. Both versions play fine with MW media player through those two points.

    One thing I noticed is that the hard drive version has both angle threads even though I only specified one angle to be copied. Several attempts at this always kept copying over both angles. Within DVDMobile I can select which thread to produce the mobile copy from and I've tried both with the same issues occuring.

    Now I'm wondering if the lurching / stuttering affect I'm noticing may be due to the movie's protection flipping between angles at these points in time. If the DVDmobile is restricted to one angle then this could explain the affects I'm noticing.

    Does this sound like a plausible reason for the affects I'm noticing?
  14. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    more info...

    I don't remember this one being big on the radar, to be honest.
    Give up on the protection causing this. Far too elegant to do and I doubt this movie is worth that kind of evil investment. It is simply poorly authored.
    Let's do this:

    http://static.slysoft.com/SetupAnyDVD.exe and make sure the latest AnyDVD is installed.

    Then: http://sandbox.slysoft.com/beta/SetupCloneDVDmobile1802.exe and get the latest CDm installed.

    Then if this fails:

    Open and right click in the LOG panel, "save as.." and generate a LOG txt file.
    Attach that here. Include the "details" of the transcoder too, please. I don't hold out much hope for this one, however.
  15. Mobile

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    Here's the information that I think you're requesting Frank. I've also attached a sample showing the stutters I'm getting; the secound is merged in with the first bell. I've tried various options within the CloneDVDmobile with all giving the same results; even against the DVD itself or a copy made to the hard drive. If the protection is flipping between angles at those points and DVDmobile is only processing one angle, then I can see this causing the stuttering. The more I'm thinking about it this might be an issue with the CloneDVD2 program not being able to merge the two angles.

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  16. Spanky

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    What are you playing the file on Mobile? I played your example, and watched closely, and didn't see any stutter. WMV has always been experimental and unsupported, maybe something else will play better on your device?
  17. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    No stutter

    I played the WMV file you sent. No stutter. We won't be doing anything on this as I can't believe you are the only person who processed this DVD. And we won't "merge" angles. You have to pick one. Sorry.
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    Hi, I tried to get bolt to work and I'm suffering from similar problems. Ive tried using clonedvd and clonedvd mobile to either rip the DVD direct to mp4 or divx or to a hd then to mp4. I've managed to get it to complete once but I've got lip sync issues with the file. Is this a disk problem ? It plays fine on my bluray machine
  19. Ch3vr0n

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    There are stickies mate.

    Regression problems / Audio sync