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  1. Br8ys

    Br8ys Member

    I have using sony drives for reading and writing and verbatim
    disks and have not made a coaster writing over 300 disks.
  2. Ajax

    Ajax Well-Known Member

    Ok how about that...
  3. gus738

    gus738 Well-Known Member

    try tayio youden and i'm sure you wont look back not even to verbatim i use
    8x dvd-r made hundres of backups and never had issues as far as media goes
  4. d0p3y2k4

    d0p3y2k4 Member

    i use nec drives & verbatim blank dvd-r 16x i never had a coaster also i burn at 6x speed
  5. J_im

    J_im New Member

    Been using TDKs for cd and dvd burning and the only problems I've had was when I messed up.Great Discs!!
  6. gus738

    gus738 Well-Known Member

    what a waste lol a 16 x speed and only burn at 6 x??? lol try TY 8x you'll be happy SMS
  7. Taiyo Yuden are THE best...

    Taiyo Yuden DVD-R16x MID TYG03 are the ones I've been using. I was getting some write errors with the TDK's on older DVD burners. I popped these suckers into ALL of my older burners and voila... not ONE coaster... I bought my DVD's at Ocatve Systems at the following link. And NO... I don't work for Octave. ;)

  8. Mike89

    Mike89 Well-Known Member

    Taiyo Yuden is a little too expensive for me (and not that easy to find). I mainly use Verbatim and Sony DVDs. Both have given me consistent quality burns.
  9. Sense

    Sense Guest

    I use external BenQ burners and a Sony 810, I believe that to be the model number and I have had great success in using Maxell, Sony, R+ dvd and cd media.
    Both were recommended by their support when I originally purchased the units and I have never had a coaster and get the discs at an excellent price and the dvd's are playable on all of our family standalone players and that is what my goal is.
    Just thought that I would add my 2 cents worth of my experience, It is great to hear what other users have as media.
    I don't buy off the internet and have my own wholesale source that I purchase from so our entire family is content.
  10. solect

    solect New Member

    I have been using sony - r accucore at 4x burn speed and has never failed me.
    Saying that i have found most dvd -r fine as long as burning at low speed
    i found 4x works for me
  11. stellacotton

    stellacotton Member

    PHILIPS8631 burner with Taiyo Yudens-TYG02(8x) I think I've had maybe 4 coasters in nearly 1500 burns.:)
  12. McstylisT

    McstylisT Member

    TY is considered the best quality media to buy. But Verbatim are often on sale and members are able to get 100 spindles for like half price so it helps to keep options open. but i only recommend using TY(reg or rebranded) or VERBATIM all the rest is junk IMO. :policeman: :doh: :p
  13. Abraracourcix

    Abraracourcix Member

    Verbatim and TY only

    Taiyo Yuden is indded great for Single Layer.
    Verbatim is the ONLY brand that consistently work on Dual Layer.

    I have an average of one coaster per 20 media spindle.

    I tried other DL medias, Memorex being the worst.
    Fuji not too far behind....

    For single layer, other than Taiyo Yuden, I've has some success with Ridata, but I've hit bad batches and had to throw the whole spindles in the garbage.

    You may spend a little more on Verbatim, but you won't regret it.

  14. Ripper

    Ripper Member

    I am a religous user of Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media. I have an LG GSA 4120b (yes, it's an LG, but this model has burnt flawlessly for me - it is however LG's first Super Mulit drive; they seems to have gone down hill lol), and I burn Verbatim 16x Dvd+R disks at anywhere from 4-12x. They code out as YUDEN000T03 (Taiyo Yuden BTW), which is an added bonus; Verbatim disks, that code as TY! I also only use Dvd+R disks, as I like to bitsett/booktype my disks to -ROM for better compatability. Even though -R came out first, that's just how I do it. Each to their own.

    The only other media I use is RicohJPN - not *the best*, but it is OK media for less important backups, IMO.

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  15. mjmaley

    mjmaley New Member

    Try this

    I agree with using TY 100%, HOWEVER please go to shop4tech.com to save a bundle!!! Plus no shipping$$$ !! :)

    I too do not work for shop4tech.

  16. Johnc

    Johnc New Member


    Samsung or Memorex, which ever is on sale.:D
  17. Ripper

    Ripper Member

    You'd be much better off buying Verbatim, which if you look, is always on sale somewhere; it seems.
    Neither Samsung or Memorex makes for good quality media. That's all Optodisc and CmcMag crap. Maybe a few Ritek/RicohJPN thrown in for good measure.
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  18. Br8ys

    Br8ys Member

    I guess I should have mentioned my Sony's are 16x writers.
    I write at 12X
  19. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    I have NEC-Lite-On and Plextor drives used with Verbatim. Over 1000 burns and no coasters.
  20. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Since I have been using mostly 18X writers lately I have been using Verbatim 16X + media ( MCC004 ) and they are excellent. I just bought a new LG H42, and it works great @18X with these discs.:agree: