FYI: APV Hides Purchases With Region Change


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UPDATE: First let me say that this is NOT an AS issue. Read my follow-up post as to why this happens and how to avoid it...


As I've been playing with APV+VPN today, I just discovered that my Purchases are not visible. This seems like a problem. Imagine I was actually on vacation in the UK and I couldn't access my purchases? WTF!

This is me using the United Kingdom region in AS, and a VPN connection to the UK. Even my Watchlist was blank…


This is me using my US region in AS, and no VPN:


Interesting to say the least.
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Using a VPN with anystream I believe is just something the users have done. I don’t think that any place in the AnyStream specifications says it supports VPN. That said, Anystream as you know is a program to download what you want to see when you have no Internet connection. I am sure you can watch all your download movies without issue, I believe using anystream with a VPN is just an extra feature that people use, the program was not meant to support it. What you are describing is an Amazon issue not an AnyStream issue. If you can use it fine if you can’t not much can be done in my view. Just my thoughts if you were going on vacation plan ahead, Download your purchases and watch them at your leisure.


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What you are describing is an Amazon issue not an AnyStream issue.

Hi RedFox 1,

You are absolutely correct. It appears that I did not make that entirely clear in my post. I just happened to be using AS when I first discovered this and felt the urge to share in the event that others using VPN+AS might discover this as well and assume it was an AS issue.

I've been using AS+VPN with N*flix for a few months now, and only today started experimenting with APV. This was an unpleasant surprise to say the least. However, after reading your response, I realize I should test this out using just a browser and I've discovered something useful.

My region is the US. If I travel, and I login to AMZ my region is still the US even though the home page indicates I'm travelling or using a VPN. When I looked at my Purchases & Rentals, they were there.

I decided to change my region to the UK which opened another tab for me to login. I did, and this time my Purchases & Rentals were blank. So, changing the region alone will hide your Purchases & Rentals, and not the VPN/Traveling.