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  1. R

    Not a RedFox Issue D+ login failure with VPN active

    A similar problem has already been reported before (https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/disney-error-provider-setup-failed.86103/, https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/disney-provider-setup-failed.86720/#post-599546), but since my issues (or at least the potential solution?) seem different, I am opening...
  2. W

    Question VPN: Recommended or not?

    I've just been told that VPNs are not supported when using Anystream or Anystream Plus. I thought it was just the opposite and that you stand the chance of being blocked by the provider if you don't disguise your IP address by using a VPN. I've always engaged my VPN whenever I use Anystream to...
  3. M

    Resolved VPN With Anystream

    I have searched (probably used wrong terms in search) and haven't found anything about VPN and AS, which I find strange. I'm trying to open P+ and I only get an intl page with no log in. I had to split tunnel it. This worked under NordVPN but doesn't seem to using PIA. I switched to PIA...
  4. zero269

    Resolved HEADS-UP: Regional Runtime Differences

    I'm just noticing this for the first time and decided to share this with those of us that like to use VPN with AS. I noticed quite a few titles showing runtimes around 5 minutes less than what I'm currently seeing in the US. For example, John Q has a runtime of: 1:56:10 prime (USA) with 30...
  5. A

    Amazon Prime US from Germany VPN problem

    Good evening. I am trying to download documentaries (Amazon Prime) from the US while my location is Germany. My Amazon Prime account is in Germany but I can download most documentaries from the US store using a VPN (ExpressVPN). However, one file out of a set of ten documentaries always...
  6. P

    Anystream through a VPN

    Who else is using a VPN to enable them to download content currently unavailable in their current location? I am trying to download; Mountain Men, Alaska State Troopers, Building Alaska, Alaska The Last Frontier, Alaska: Surviving The Last Frontier, Homestead Rescue, The Alaska Triangle, Alaskan...
  7. zero269

    FYI: APV Hides Purchases With Region Change

    UPDATE: First let me say that this is NOT an AS issue. Read my follow-up post as to why this happens and how to avoid it... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I've been playing with APV+VPN today, I just...
  8. zero269

    AnyStream + VPN Guide

    UPDATE: Check out my AnyStream User Guide (Unofficial). I started using VPN with AnyStream just a month or so after I first started using this amazing product. I've seen others in various threads indicating they are too, and some are interested in knowing more. I will share my experiences here...
  9. Don922 works great

    I wanted to post my experience with version I upgraded last night and signed into D+. I then started 3 downloads (NF, AP, D+) and all 3 downloaded without issues. AS is running on a Windows 10 VM on a QNAP NAS utilizing NordVPN. I connect to the VM using RDP. So far so good. No...
  10. Don922

    Can't access PV with a VPN

    To those of you using a VPN how did you get it to work with Prime Video? When I connect to my VPN (NordVPN) I get the following message from Prime. Your device is connected to the Internet using a VPN or proxy service. Please disable it and try again. For more help, go to amazon.com/pv-vpn...
  11. zero269

    Using VPN with AS

    Although vpn may not necessarily be a supported benefit with AS, I'm wondering if others are experiencing severe issues when connecting to either Italy or Canada. When I connect to Canada, I'm seeing 0.1 Mbps network performance; not so with Australia, France, Brazil, Netherlands, and a few...
  12. zero269

    Loading Failure for Italy

    After reading about the benefits of using a vpn service with this resource, I decided to try it out. So far so good. However, I'm having issues with Italy. Tried both Milan and Cosenza and neither would allow AS to load the main page. Milan would load about 80% or so, while Cosenza was 0%. I've...
  13. DeepSpace

    Amz Prime and VPN

    I want to download from Amz jp. Do I need to purchase Prime there or is it enough if I already have Prime in my country and VPN myself to jp? If so, is there a VPN you prefer? I have no VPN right now.
  14. E

    Feature request - Possibility of using a socks5 or socks4

    I think it would be very useful to be able to use a socks5 or socks4 connection , especially in the case of amazon, only for manifest and license requests ,the heavy content is downloaded from the cdn and has no problem with geographic restrictions or with different ip. In the case of Netflix...