Editing CLIPINF (*.CLPI or *.CPI)

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by mike_r, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    As promised, I've written a quick utility to edit your CLIPINFO files.

    For some reason, Pelikan didn't offer this in BDEDIT and the only other alternative is to use a HEX editor. We all know what that could lead to...


    It is fairly straight forward, and should be numbskull proof.

    1. Select your path to the BDMV

    2. The CLIPINFO files are presented to you (any errors are highlighted)

    3. Click on the 'Fix...' and the file is changed. The contents of the BACKUP/CLIPINFO are not changed (for obvious reasons)




    Known issues:

    You can't change the files on optical media ;)
    If there is no corresponding file in the STREAM, then the M2TS packets are shown as ZERO
    There is no multi-language GUI
    There are no tooltips
    You can enter any 3 digits you want for LANGUAGE, it's not validated
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  2. fast eddie

    fast eddie Well-Known Member

    And, what is the overall objective of this program?

    Why do we need to edit our CLIPINFO files?
    -------To change the aspect ratio of our movie?

  3. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    Some original BDs are actually incorrect. For example the German version of Female Agents has the packetsize incorrect on one clip, and has all the languages set to unknown. Similarly some Disney titles have all foreign languages set to English.

    Then there is the other problems, tsMuxeR makes plenty of mistakes (aspect ratio, packet size and header to name just a few)

    It is my intention to look into ways to 'blank' streams, as someone suggested doing this would be good to use the original rips for BD rebuilder input.
  4. mochevolete

    mochevolete Active Member

    I have a backup of the Pixar Shorts BR, the subs are all mixed up, e.g. if I select Italian the Germans subs are shown, and to have the Italians subs I have to select French, so with this utility can I change and correct the subs "labels" ?


    or maybe that's my answer ... :(
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  5. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    so, you answered the question yourself ?

    I hope you're happy with results.
  6. DukeOfUrl

    DukeOfUrl Well-Known Member


    1. Does this make the identical fix(es?) as jdobbs' fixclpi.exe? I don't know exactly what he does but it fixes broken chapter jumps for me sometimes.

    2. Any chance you could add parsing of chapter locations, and allow editing of these (timecodes)?

  7. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    1. i don't know what that program does, but I suspect it (amongst other things) corrects the number of packets. so yes.

    2. PLAYLIST editing is already a work-in-progress, but rather more complex than CLIPINF editing.
  8. DukeOfUrl

    DukeOfUrl Well-Known Member

    Actually FWIW his description of fixclpi sounds different to me. Here from Doom9:

  9. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    I was prooved wrong.

    v0.02b is now available - that removes \BDMV from the end of your selected path (it does say in the dialogue 'path to BDMV' - I thought that was crystal clear)
  10. ron spencer

    ron spencer Well-Known Member

    link does not work?
  11. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    See above...
  12. charlydj501

    charlydj501 Member

    Good program,good work !!

    Thanks friend...:rock:
  13. raster43

    raster43 Member


    Very nice/helpful tool.Thank you !

    I've tried it on 3 BD's (avchd) that I processed w/tsmuxer and all 3 have packet mismatches.

    If left alone, what will the mismatch cause, if anything. You don't mention that in the OP. Thanks
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  14. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    if you leave it then the PS3 playback will pause and then jump 2 or 3 seconds forwards.
  15. raster43

    raster43 Member

    Ok, so it's a PS3 issue only, not a SA BD player issue?
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  16. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    you'll see the problem when you playback.
  17. raster43

    raster43 Member

    I realize that, what I'm asking is the pause /jump also affecting playback on standalone blu-ray players as well as the PS3 ? Thanks
  18. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    I don't have any other player, so I don't know.
  19. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.03b fixes 2 small cosmetic issues.
  20. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.04b fixes rounding issue