Disney + : Limited to 20 videos ?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Zacki, Mar 11, 2021.

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    the new Disney + support is awesome !
    I was finally able to download That's So Raven show in perfect quality !! :dance:
    But after 20 download (between yesterday and today), it says i can't download anything else. So i tried with another Disney + account and all is working again.

    So i guess like Amazon Prime Video, we have a quota to respect ?

    Edit : all is perfectly working again with my main account. Don't know what's happened aha.
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  2. Pete

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    Without a clear error message, it's impossible to say what the situation was.
    Ideally attach a log file, when something like that happens.
  3. Zacki

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    Well, so it happened again. Here the screenshot of the message i've got :

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    I had this happen to me a little while ago, I just shut AnyStream down and restarted, no problem. Hope this helps. Another time it did at one point say I have to pay for this service, again I closed the program down and restarted.
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  5. Ch3vr0n

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    The message clearly stated it has problems retrieving the video playlist, the download cap reached message is entirely different and specifically states you lay have reached the allowed quota.

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  6. James

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    When it says "check the log for details" a look at the log would probably reveal more information.
  7. I have gotten this error a few times. It has always happened after I have left the AS software open for an extended period. I think what is happening is that the credentials on the D host are expiring. When I restart AS, the credentials refresh & everything works perfectly again.
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