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Copy VHS Tapes?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rgs, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. rgs

    rgs New Member

    Can anyone tell me the best way, or any way, to copy a VHS tape that is copy protected? I want to copy some tapes to DVD. I can copy most tapes OK, but some that are copy protected flicker and sputter. I bought a Clarifier from Facetvideo and it does not work as advertised.
  2. I use a Hauppauge Win TV capture card PVR-150 in my computer and play the VHS tape in my player while I record the tape on the computer (via RCA cables) as a mpeg file, then I use Nero 6 ultra to burn the mpeg file to a DVD or play the file back using Nero's Showtime back to a VHS recorder. I have never had a problem doing it like this, it is a lot of trouble /steps , but you will get your tape copied just remember after you get a sucessful copy to deleate the file to save on hard drive space. After the tape is copied the protection is gone on the copied tape because you have changed the format of the file from analog to digital - mpeg the quality won't be like a DVD it will only be as good as the tape you are copying except the flips and flutters.
    Cheers ...... :clap:
  3. TerryLP

    TerryLP Member

    If you have a digital video camera, you do not have to buy expensive cards to make the transfer. I have two video cameras that I have used to do just what you are asking about. My newest camera came with a cable that has the three RCA (Video, Audio Left & Right)jacks on one end and an 1/8th inch pin on the other. The 1/8th pin plugs into the camera for input. I connect the RCA jacks to the output on the VCR or DVR. Then connect the camera to the computer as you would with a tape in it with the 1394 cable. You can then record your show and print it to DVD.
  4. rgs

    rgs New Member

    Thanks for the responses! I have an ATI All-in Wonder 9800 pro video card in my pc. When I copy a tape without copy protection it works fine. I copy it as mpeg-2, then use InterVideo DVD Creator to edit the content and burn it to DVD. If it is protected I can not copy it because the ATI "start recording" button is disabled. When I then put the Clarifier in the circuit, the "start recording" button is enabled and it will copy, but not without flashes, flickers and sputters. It seems as if the Clarifier eliminates some of the protection, but not all. I have tried in vain to get help from FacetVideo, the makers of the Clarifier. Their only response was that the Clarifier will not work with any ATI cards. I told them that it will not work when I try to copy a tape from one player/recorder to another; no pc involved. They now do not respond to my phone messages or email.

    I do not have a video camera yet. If all else fails I guess I will try that solution.
  5. lordvader

    lordvader Active Member

    Copy Vhs

    I found this really lame way that actually works! If you have a DVR and a DVD :agree: recorder you can try this! Hook the VCR into the DVR , then output it to the DVD recorder, then back out to the TV! I know it sounds retarded, but this actually stopped the picture from fading in and out. It's probabley the DVR that has something to do with it! That's how I transfered my VHS tapes to DVD. I kid you not!
  6. TerryLP

    TerryLP Member

    If your ATI card is not allowing you to download the video, you can get a 1394 card to drop in a PCI slot for around $25. Most any of the good video editing software (Premiere Elements, etc.) will work with that and let you download your videos and burn them to DVD.

    Not all video cameras are the same. Make sure you get a hold of a good digital camera. Since you do not have one, you might see about borrowing one from a friend or relative just to test things out. You might try finding a used one at a pawn shop or a place like that.
  7. NordicRX8

    NordicRX8 Member

    LOL! That's just pitiful. Sorry to hear that you are being ignored by FacetVideo. I have that same card and absolutely hated the copy protection crap. I ended up not using ANY of the AIW features (just used it as a videocard) and went with a Hauppauge tuner card. Wonder why ATI builds copy protection awareness on their software, while others can bypass it? Must be the deeper pockets. I use the same method Running In The Background describes.

    Really, if you think about it... if you don't have ANY of the items people have mentioned, the Hauppauge card is cheaper than a video cam or DVR (unless your cable system offers a better version than ours does).

    BTW... that's a really old card (in computer chronology). :D
  8. MarkRacer

    MarkRacer Well-Known Member

    Stand Alone Recorder is the way to GO!!!

    Buy yourself a Liteon 5005 recorder and your problems are done. This model has some very hackable firmware that allows you to circumvent Macrovision. Also, you can make it region free and add a 3 hour mode if you desire. I've backed up numerous copy protected (i.e. StarWars Trilogy) tapes with great success on the 5005. You can find one for around $100 new. Newegg has this model from time to time8)
  9. rgs

    rgs New Member

    :bowdown: Thanks All, but still need help

    Thanks for all the great answers! But what I want to do is simply copy a vhs tape to my hard drive so I can edit it and burn it to DVD. I am looking for some way to do it with the hardware I presently have if possible first, and if not possible, then punt. I was hoping there might be some way to get "Any DVD" in the loop. Or some way to hack the ATI program to stop it from blocking the copy.

    MarkRacer, Does the Liteon 5005 allow editing the tape and copying it to my hard drive?

    Nordicrx8, When you say you have the same card, are you talking about the FacetVideo or the ATI? And which card are you refering to as "really old", the FacetVideo, ATI, or the Hauppauge? Since I have no DVR or Digital video camera, the Hauppauge card may be the solution.

    TerryLP, Can you tell me any more about the 1394 pci card? Any names or models you can recommend?

    Lordvader, Thanks, but I do not have a DVR.

    Running in the Background, I looked for some info on the Hauppauge card and found one reviewer who said it was not as good as the ATI, but was a little smaller and easier to fit into his case. Have you had any quality issues with it?
  10. sparta

    sparta Member

  11. MarkRacer

    MarkRacer Well-Known Member

    MarkRacer, Does the Liteon 5005 allow editing the tape and copying it to my hard drive?

    Editing should be done through your PC. The Liteon 5005 is good for only direct tape transfers. It does have a tuner but that's another can of worms. And yes, the tuner sucks big time.
  12. Buddy

    Buddy Active Member

    VHS to DVD not worth the hassle for the Quality

  13. Jim R

    Jim R New Member

    VHS to DVD

    Try a Google search for "Sima CT-200" and read about it and see if this is what you are trying to do. I have a new grandchild, and have put a large number of old VHS tapes on DVD that are not currently available in DVD format. It works every time, and although the quality of a VHS tape in its original form is not the greatest, you will lose nothing in the conversion. Now my 2 year old can switch disks all day. Avoid the "CT-2", the older version.
    And Buddy is absolutely correct...if you can find it on DVD, buy it. This method will only give you a crappy VHS quality copy on a DVD.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2007
  14. sparta

    sparta Member

  15. G-Omaha

    G-Omaha Well-Known Member

  16. Slinger07

    Slinger07 Well-Known Member

    For a cheap alternative that works, you can use the "Digital Video Stabilizer". It removes the shaky Mac*ovision protection from your VHS tapes. I run my VCR OUT to the Stabilizer and into my Iola DVD Burner (Got at Walmart $99) and it works wonderful.

    As mentioned before, the backup will only be as good as the original VHS tape minus the flickering.

    Stabilizer image - http://www.checkhere22.com/images/stabilizer.jpg
  17. sparta

    sparta Member

    Tigerdirect has the Plextorm402u on sale for $87.00, it has been cheaper, so if anybody is intertested, periodiaclly check tigerdirect out. As far as quality goes, like the more knowledgeable people say, it all depends on the quality of the tape or program ou're tring to capture.
  18. rgs

    rgs New Member

    I bought a Plextor m402u

    I found a good deal on the Plextor px-m402u that Sparta recommended. It retails at $159. Plextor has it with a $50 rebate. When I looked further on their site I found there was a $70 rebate also, but the fine print said the rebate would only be valid if it was purchased from TigerDirect or GlobalComputer. I called Plextor to ask what was going on and they said they do not know why it is listed like that on THEIR OWN web site! So, I went to TigerDirect and saw a refurbished one for $86. Then found a new one listed for $99.99 with a $70 rebate; final cost $29.99!! I ordered it last night. This deal is only good until tomorrow, 2/4/07. My only concern is if I will actually see the rebate. There has been a lot of negative reviews of TigerDirect, especially concerning rebates.

    I also agree with all who understand that there is a real need to copy and save some old VHS tapes to DVD, especially those that are not available on DVD. I have not seen any poor quality in any DVD's that I have made so far. The only issue I have is the copy protection.

    Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions. I will let you all know how I make out.
  19. padrechema

    padrechema Member

    copy VHS Tapes

    Just buy a video Stabilizer from RadioShack and plug your VCR to the video IN of the stabilizer making a bridge between your video card and the VCR and will fix your problem it will cost you around $20.00 :agree:
  20. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    try a macrovision removal device from:
    i bought a couple of the older models (one for vhs,the other for dvd's)a couple of years ago.i bought two of each model in case they broke.you connect your video to it in one socket and the recorder to the other socket.
    it works a treat with vhs tapes.
    they used to do two separate models-one work only with vhs tapes,the other one worked only with dvd's (of course now i use clonedvd for that)..now it seems one model will do both vhs+dvd.
    hope this helps you.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2007