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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Yu4am1ty, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Yu4am1ty

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    So I decided to give anydvd HD a try, in conjunction with cloneBD. I downloaded the free trial of redfox anydvd HD (version, as well as cloneBD (version Loaded my Blu-ray disc, and later open cloneBD. Whenever I do a complete copy of disc to ISO 1:1, process takes about 4-8 minutes (sometimes with error message), but resulting ISO is unplayable by either PowerDVD (complains that disc i.e. mounted ISO is encrypted) or after burning to BD-R using imageburn. However, if I select partial copy, and then select all, it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, but with playable ISO file. Is there something I am doing wrong? Does partial copy, with everything selected give same result as complete 1:1 copy? Running Win7 64 bits.
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    Can you please provide a CloneBD log file of such a failed, complete copy?
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    Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I do not save log files; always eager to re-try. I guess I'll try it again, and this time, get log file. Will get back to you.

    By the way, I'm still curious if selecting partial copy, and then checking every single title, will provide the same result as doing a 1:1 full copy. I used MakeMKV to rip the ISO copy, and compared with MakeMKV from original disc. They looked the same (I'm no expert) but MakeMKV rip from ISO image never play subtitles even though the option is there
  4. Yu4am1ty

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    Anyone have an idea of what is going on? On cloneBD, selecting complete copy results in a ISO that takes about 4-8 minutes to make, but with copy protection not removed (even though AnyDVD HD is running in background). Selecting partial copy, with all titles selected, takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, but with an ISO that is playable with PowerDVD.

    Does choosing complete 1:1 copy make ISO differently compared to choosing partial copy, followed by selecting every single title on the disc? Especially when it comes to menu options, subtitles ...

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  5. Pete

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    I just tried this with several ISOs - from SSD to SSD, same procedure.
    None of them were bad.

    Your 1:1 copy without any compression is a very, very simple process. CloneBD sees, that all it has to do, is copy all the files directly from the source into an ISO without touching them.
    There is not really anything, that can go wrong on CloneBD's side.

    BUT: if the source is really a physical disc, then those 4-8 minutes sound pretty impossible to me, that just doesn't work.
    I'm testing on a physical disc right now - the estimated time is roughly 40 minutes, which is what I'd expect.

    Yes, there is a difference, for a partial copy, CloneBD always first creates a temporary folder on HDD with all the required files and then creates an ISO from there.

    Can you try updating AnyDVD to the latest Beta?

    I don't think CloneBD is to blame.

    BTW: if you really just want to create a 1:1 ISO of a disc, you can simple use AnyDVD and select "Create Image" - same thing.
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    Pete, how do I create 1:1 ISO using AnyDVD HD? Is there a separate AnyDVD ripper that I need to download? Couldn't find any. After I pop in my disc, AnyDVD scans it for a few seconds but then do nothing. Double click on AnyDVD only shows me a couple of menus on the left, from "status" to "information". I don't see any "create image". A right click on the upper left fox icon only gives options to move or close the window. A right click on each of the menus only tells me what it does.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    Right click the fox system tray icon, rip to image, done

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    Thanks Ch3vr0n. Now I see it. So all I need is a simple 1:1 ISO file. Do I use "rip to image" or "rip video disc to harddrive'? I'm guessing "rip to image", right? Sorry I'm trying software out for first time
  9. just curious

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    Yes - You want to "rip to image"!
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Nothing to be sorry for.

    As I said, rip to image. The first one is mainly directed towards DVD's. The image ripper is mainly for Blu-ray. Although the latter will work for DVD's too, it's not recommended for multiple reasons. AnyDVD will throw a warning if you'd attempt to use the image ripper on DVD's.
    The folder ripper (what that first one is, does work for bd's too, but it's not intended that way, as you'd lose disc optimizations from the original disc, that the image ripper can keep intact.

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  11. Yu4am1ty

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    Thank you Ch3vr0n, Pete, and just curious; now I got it to work. Don't even need cloneBD, as I'm only backing up my entire discs (except if there's cinavia trademark, I guess). Will be using AnyDVD as default.

    BTW, any ideas on 3D Blu-ray backups?
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    3D discs MUST BE RIPPED to ISO at ALL times. Retail discs contain VIRTUAL files with the extension .SSIF. As long as they remain virtual, there's no problem. The problem would be that if you were to rip to FOLDER structure those files become REAL to windows and a disc that for example is 40GB in size will usually double in size because of it. This results in a structure too big to burn back to disc.

    Now if you rip to ISO, you don't have that problem. The ssif files remain virtual in the ISO container and when burned back to disc, it'll burn just fine with no size issues at all.

    CloneBD does NOT yet support backing up 3D titles to a backup disc, conversion to portable files such as .mkv however are supported
  13. Yu4am1ty

    Yu4am1ty Member

    But the ISO will have all the 3D "capabilities" ie. will play 3d on a PC connected to a 3D TV, right? Maybe burn the ISO using Imageburn instead of cloneBD?
  14. Yu4am1ty

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    BTW, I like to share my first experience with the software, maybe it will contribute.
    1. Making ISO using AnyDVD, compared to making ISO using cloneBD: AnyDVD ISO was about 800MB bigger (36.9GB vs. 36.1GB) but played all extras flawlessly using PowerDVD 17 while cloneBD's ISO stuttered on very few extras (PowerDVD didn't play those). Note that I made cloneBD ISO by selecting partial copy, and then selecting all titles. Selecting complete copy didn't work for me
    2. Being a previous MakeMKV user, I tried to rip MKV files from the ISO. ISO from AnyDVD: as soon as ISO was mounted and Makemkv launched, MakeMKV detected that the ISO was created by AnyDVD, and complained that AnyDVD is enabled (even though I don't have AnyDVD installed on that computer), and that I should disable AnyDVD. Didn't get such notice with ISO created by CloneBD.
    3. MakeMKV rip of CloneBD's ISO played well EXCEPT subtitles were not displayed. I can see the subtitles option using a right click on VLC player or on PowerDVD, but turning on the subtitles did nothing; hence subtitles lost. MakeMKV of AnyDVD's ISO played subtitles fine.
  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Yes it will. Rip to Iso with AnyDVD, burn with IMGBurn, all done and everything will work just fine as on the original