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complete copy

  1. Y

    Complete copy not working?

    So I decided to give anydvd HD a try, in conjunction with cloneBD. I downloaded the free trial of redfox anydvd HD (version, as well as cloneBD (version Loaded my Blu-ray disc, and later open cloneBD. Whenever I do a complete copy of disc to ISO 1:1, process takes about 4-8...
  2. Sabertooth

    Crash w Complete Copy CBD

    Greetings! Tried three of the 4 disks for Torchwood Season 2 US Blu-ray. All crash as soon as I select Complete Copy. Title: Torchwood Season 2 Disk 2 US Blu-ray protected ISO Complete to BD9. This disk processed successfully under an earlier version. Crash dump attached. Edit: that would be...