CloneBD Output: Can't navigate from Menu to Movie

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    One of my biggest gripes is the junk they put on discs that you have to go through before you can even get to the Menu.
    AnyDVD's "remove video sequences shorter than" feature helps remove a lot of that on Blu Rays but usually can't help for long movie trailer sequences (unless you want to remove Extra features as well).
    So if you can't bypass leading trailers by pressing Top Menu or Popup Menu, I use CloneBD to remove them.
    Unfortunately 20-25% of the time, in the CloneBD-created folder, the Main Menu is the first thing to display but now you cannot get to the movie itself.
    I've been running into this for quite some time and finally decided to ask for help. The latest example is with Uncle Drew.
    All I'm doing in CloneBD is creating a Partial Copy folder from a protected .iso of Uncle Drew and removing the 8-minute 45-second Title that has the previews.
    Playing the resultant folder immediately displays the Main Menu, but clicking "Play Movie" brings you right back to the Main Menu. Same with going to "Scenes" and picking Scene 1. Picking Scene 2 results in a black screen.
    Yes, I have made sure to check the Main Movie during Selection and in fact the only thing not selected is the one Title with the previews.
    Including the AnyDVD and CloneBD logs...

    EDIT: Playing the CloneBD folder in PDVD 17.


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    I'll check this, thanks (see PM)
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    For anyone interested:

    Pete discovered that the root cause of this problem was not CloneBD after all but some Screen Pass remnants getting past AnyDVD.

    I tested his fix and it looks great.

    I would guess the fix will be in the next AnyDVD release (we're currently at

    Kudos to Pete for some outstanding "detective" work in tracking the culprit down!

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    It's been a while, but I have the issue coming up again with creating CloneBD output that won't navigate from the Main Menu to the movie itself.

    This time it's Cold Pursuit.

    I had the issue using the original disc but began using a protected .iso to run subsequent tests and tweak things in CloneBD trying to get good output.

    So the final tests use a protected .iso.

    In CloneBD, selecting "Create folder/...", "Partial Copy", then (for testing) selecting everything -- all titles, audio, subtitles.

    On next screen, "Create folder", no compression, "Maintain original menu", "Original Audio".

    In the resultant folder, you can get to the Main Menu, but clicking "Play Movie" leads you right back to the Main Menu.

    Selecting Scene 1 does the same.

    Selecting Scene 2 leads to black screen and the movie freezes.

    @Pete , do you think this could be another issue where Screen Pass got past AnyDVD?

    Attaching the AnyDVD and CloneBD logs....


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    Please be so kind to use AnyDVD
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    Tried with but unfortunately got same results.

    No joy!


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