Can't play Blu Ray on LGBP570 player any more!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by golferdc, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. gameowl

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    For many years I always used Memorex 4.7GB DVD+R 16x and Memorex 25GB BD-R 6x. Then Ch3rvon said to use Verbatim. I switched over two years ago to Verbatim. WOW what a difference in quality. Way better contrast and video color quality.
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    I call bologna.. A data bit is a data bit no matter what media it is being written to.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    True, the data itself doesn't change (incl colors). What DOES change is the quality of the did you burn it too. Cheap crappy brands often either fail to play properly or don't play at all.

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  4. barryware

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    Nuff said..
  5. Lightning Bolt

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    I haven't used Ridata discs at all. I have used store bought brands, could be equivalent to the Ridata, and rarely have I had any problems with them. From my experience with burning discs it is the speed at which the disc is burnt and does make a difference of working or failing at times. Of course, there will be times when everything is done to prevent problems from arising, it is not going to matter about the quality, brand, type, what is used, and so forth there will always be times when there will be a bad disc in a batch of discs no matter what. Some I have noticed will have less then others but there will be times when it is either a bad disc or it may burn incorrectly. In this case it is just a matter to burn another disc is all it takes sometimes. I never burn a disc any higher than what is specified for the disc on the package and or what the RW drive burns at. Burning slower than specified always ends in a better resulted burn and allows the disc to play properly and so forth. I have burnt stuff faster than what is specified and ran into more problems then burning slower.

    I have used Memorex in the past but do not use them now because they advertise/name on their inner spines as well as on the surface of the disc and do not want that on the inner spine. They are fine to use. I use Verbatim from the the stores and have had no problems with them and I do not think there is any difference if discs are bought online or not. I just had put in my opinion and not trying to make a argument.

    Edit: I do not have BD capability so that doesn't apply to me until I start doing BD.
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  6. Ch3vr0n

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    @Lightning Bolt There's a real simple way to find out if your store bought verbatims are real or the cheap stuff. If the packaging mentioned "Life Series" = cheap stuff (mediocre to lousy quality. High chance of CMC crap). Or insert a disc, launch IMGburn and click "Explorer". If the MID for your blanks doesn't start with VERBAT-IM it's not the real deal. BD25's have the MID "VERBAT-IMe-000" while BD50's should have "VERBAT-IMf-000".

    Anything else is fake or CMC crap.
  7. wayne1938

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    Will definitely agree with ch3vron on the disk making a difference.
    Was getting several coasters with the cheaper disks when trying to play them on my Samsung BD-H6500 player, no matter how I was burning them. They would hang, skip and just wouldn't play.
    Took his advise about 6 months ago and started using only Verbatim discs and have not had one coaster since.
    They may cost a little more in the beginning, but come out cheaper in the long run.
    A friend told me TDK are better, but have never tried those.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    TDK definitely isn't better than verbatim, but i's better than ritek stuff
  9. Adbear

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    I'd say TDK are no worse than Verbatim either and usually a lot cheaper
  10. theosch

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    I've burnt Verbatim DVD+R DL and got a coaster last time, just a few seconds after starting of burning process.

    But not due to the quality, and the disc appeared clean and no scratches.
    it seemed because of the external hard drive (source), which went into power safe mode APM, parking the HDD drive heads, at about 2 minutes after last HDD access.
    because I was too slow to press the start button :D
    And burning speed was slowest supported 2,4x, (max up to 8x supported)
    Damn that was still annoying, one disc for about $1,20

    Next time I'll be more careful and and make sure to some accessing off HDD right before.

    And all 10 burnt Platinum DVD+R DL and 10 discs Intenso DVD+R DL media are still completely readable without issues after 7 years in all tested drives (Pioneer and Liteon).
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  11. David_B

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    When you say "crappy CMC stuff", what do you mean? Are you referring to CMC Magnetics?
  12. Ch3vr0n

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  13. Krawk

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    I respectfully disagree, I feel the problem is the LG 570.
    I had THREE different 570s, all failed to read original discs correctly (skip, stutter, no disc errors) just after the 90 day Warranty expired. Fortunately the retailer allowed a grace period. At that point I opted for a Samsung.
  14. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion :) Though the majority of the disc using community will say "CMC = crap" :)
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  15. Homeworld

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    Yep, I've been burning since the drives came down to £1,000 or so, prior to buffer-underrun protection. I bet some people here were burning discs before that. Good media is good media. I saw the variation of certain brands when they moved manufacturing etc. If anyone remembers the GameCube the blanks were 1.4gb mini dvd-r discs. The other day I went retro and every single disc was blank. Ridata....

    I know back then they said that the writable media would be more taxing on the drive and you might need to adjust the pot... well the drive outlasted those discs.

    I think your disc usage needs to come down to how long you expect your data to last and whether you'll miss it if the disc expires.

    So OP has your players drive decided to die?
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  16. worknstiff

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    Yeah I too decided that I had heard a lot of good stuff about Optical Quantum BD25 blanks and went thru about 5 of the 50 piece spindles until I pulled one out I had burned successfully 6 months ago and it had the dreaded CRC errors. This was a verifyed burn that was playable when it was burned cause I watched it. I learned a valuable lesson about being cheap, of course that was back when Verbatims were 75 bucks a 50 pack and the Quantums were like 40. Today the price for Verbatims are only a few bucks more and you really do get a better disk.
  17. barryware

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    Opinions don't mean diddly.. Back your statements up.. Links and so on.

    As said, I googled Ridata, verbaten, reviews.. I saw no difference (but I interpreted the reviews).

    Ridata, I have used for years.. No coasters except for what I caused.. The media was never the problem.

    I have asked before, I will ask again. @Ch3vro0n.. How many failures have YOU experienced with Ridata media?

    Have a great evening..
  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Dozens in my early days of burning. When I found verbatim a year or two later I never looked back.

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  19. barryware

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    Keep telling yourself that.. The more you say it.. The more you believe it.

    Have a great evening..

    Barryware - Over & out.
  20. Ch3vr0n

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    Has nothing to do with believe, simply facts. I've used dozens of brands over the years and there's, in my mind, simply no competitor to the LG+Verbatim combo. As to the CMC crap well I guess I do have to keep telling you that, 90% of the burn failure topics in regards to CloneDVD and CMC based media reported on these forums, were a direct result of using CMC media and were instantly solved by swapping to better quality stuff. In fact you seems to be forgetting that a user here reported THAT VERY THING, in post 28. Those are facts and not things I make up, or asked him to post.

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