Resolved Can't Log Into Netflix


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Ok. I just tried something else.
I closed all tabs of the other providers and restarted AS.
After that I tried to log in with Netflix and it worked.

I have attached a new logfile.


  • AnyStream_1.5.2.3.astlog
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RedFox 1

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It could be a coincidence, they can try it, thanks for your post. You open it and tried to log in unsuccessfully, then you closed all the other providers in the settings panel and closed AS then you reopened AS and logged into NF successfully is that your workaround?


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I can get in now, too, after changing my password yet again. I think Red Leader is right. Netflix was just being stubborn.


I'm already in. I tried unchecking and checking the "Stay logged in" box. I don't know if it's related, but I'm already logged in. I haven't opened the tab of another provider...
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