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    If you are using Exede satellite Internet service, there is a problem accessing any address other than the Forum. This does not appear to be intentional; it is due to a technical setting with Exede's routing structure.

    Some users may have similar issue with other Internet providers.

    The fix is to use a "proxy". Two good options are:

    1) Install Hoxx VPN Proxy add-on _extension_ for Firefox:

    This is quick & simple. Proxy function (Extension) is easily Enabled or Disabled from the Firefox toolbar. There is no charge for the basic version of this add-on. I only use it to visit webpages: other than the Forum.

    2) Install Tor Browser:

    More knowledge (IT/computer) required for installation, but not too difficult. Complete, stand-alone Internet browser based on Mozilla Firefox. I installed it on my #1 computer, but again, only use it to visit URL's (other than the Forum).

    As far as purchasing AnyDVD license, see "Sticky" at top of this forum for "Coinbase". This is the easiest method for USA residents.

    NOTE: Perhaps Ivan can extend the 20% discount to those that attempted, but failed to complete purchase during recent promotion period, because of credit card rejections?

    Walker {Virginia}
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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Thank you for your idea but unfortunately that is incorrect. Neither a TOR browser nor a VPN will fix timeout issues. The internet connect itself still goes over the satellite service. A VPN & tor browser only hide your identity and ip at the basic level. No more, no less. It cannot magically turn an satellite based internet connection into a ground based cabled modem connection.

    @Ivan correct me if i'm wrong :)
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    Perhaps I'm reading it wrong, but it's sounds like the user is actually using Exede satellite internet and has tested/used the methods to access
    Maybe @LoneSwan can clarify this.
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    You have to use Tails and then use Tor as your browser to be anonymous. Tails is a linux based OS that you put on a USB stick and its bootable. That would let anyone download anything. But its a process. It sounds to me as if LoneSwan had issues and is explaining how to get around them using Exede satellite Internet service.
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    My post was in response to RedFox website access issue reported by another user. He stated that he used "satellite Internet". This is a known issue as referenced by "mmdavis" here: and adding this link:

    The problem is compounded by incorrect diagnosis from CS agents at Exede (and elsewhere?). This issue only affects Exede users, but it does exist and has nothing to do with "timeouts".

    The work-arounds (proxy browsing) do fix this issue. Now I can visit the RedFox documentation that is under the "blocked" URL's, as well as the purchase pages.

    However, it is possible that might be intentionally blocked by some Internet service provider for whatever reason, or a routing failure may exist such as with Exede. Knowing about this "proxy fix" might help others in such a case.

    I live in a rural area, use Exede satellite Internet, and have no reliable cell phone service at my residence. No mobile service at all other than with Verizon, which I don't want. I had to jump through lots of ~hoops~ to setup CoinBase and purchase AnyDVD. This includes failures with a borrowed cell phone which made the whole process almost a "comedy of errors". Lots of fun. :confused:

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    I get that, it'll change the route your website lookup request takes, but when you get down to the hardware you're still using satellite internet. Maybe it's that 'route' change that fixes or rather 'avoids' the timeout issue.

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    Exede has messed up it's routing table, so some IP address ranges (like our web server) are not available. Using Tor or any type of VPN service, connects an Exede user first there and uses then it's own Tor/VPN routing.
  8. TexasStar

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    I am the original Excede user that posted the problem. I installed the Mozilla add-on and it works perfectly. Thank You