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    you misunderstood. He still has the disc he said. So he could also take that as a source and rip to image I meant.
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    Oh, if he still has the source disc, then this is probably his best option, AnyDVD Rip-to-Image, no?

    Only downside is it will take a little longer.

  3. James

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    Damn, I think you're right. It was CloneDVD, which has the handy option "write existing data". CloneBD seems not to have it. I stand corrected.
  4. testiles

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    Thanks James for confirming that!

    Wasn't 100% sure if I missed something there.


    Yeah, that's a great option in CloneDVD.

    Wouldn't be bad to have in CloneBD too, but it already does SO MUCH it doesn't really need another function (lol).

    Easy enough to go to ImgBurn to do that on the quick-and-dirty if needed.

    Or just use CloneBD and let it take it's "roundabout" route.

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    That should be a feature request for Elby cause I agree that option would be a godsend.
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    Breaking News! James IS human! :LOL:
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