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  1. Webslinger

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    Noted. I was just copying and pasting, basically . . .
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    I wish we could have avatars too, but it's not a big deal. I'm here to help people and occasionally get help when I need it. As long as I can do those things, I'm happy.
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    Better watch out you don't get a chill then Zeb:D
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    Forgive me if this topic has been discussed already.. I quickly looked over this section before posting here.

    the rules state:
    Animated avatars are not allowed. Sorry.
    Avatars that may be confused with official staff avatars are not allowed.​

    I totally agree with both....

    My issue is simple, it seems that only mods (and above) currently have access to having avatars... Are there any plans to adding this feature to us "average" folk?

    Curious is all...
  5. Webslinger

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  6. Cloned dvd

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    For those who did not want to click the link...

    the powers that be says :disagree: to avatars for all users... Stating that it would be a waste of space.

    Thanks slinger!

    Someone should edit the "official forum rules" since they don't fit the way the site is ran.
  7. ivanX

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    Well, it's rather interesting. Zebadee isn't a forum leader, he's not a mod, he's not a member of Slysoft team. Yet he has an avatar that's displayed for all to see. He's a senior member and I am a senior member, but what's the difference that warrants him having an avatar that's displayed and not me? :(
  8. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Go here: http://forum.slysoft.com/. Look at the right side of the screen in the rows related to the individual forums. I think that says it all.

    Edit: You did actually read the forum leaders page, right? If so then you might want to get your eyes checked.
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    Zebadee is a forum leader, and he's a Super Moderator.
  10. ivanX

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    His title doesn't reflect that, unlike yours.
  11. Charlie

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    He wished not to have a moderator title but rather the same title ranks we go through.