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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Tom, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Tom

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  2. ano102

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    BD+ is already supported ? :confused:
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  3. SamuriHL

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    Well isn't that a pleasant surprise this morning. Nice work guys!
  4. LINUS

    LINUS Beta Tester

    Great! Tried 2001, Mr. Brooks and FFROSS all US versions, they all seem to work flawlessly with PDVD 3104 now. So Reclock is also not a problem anymore.

    Thanks a million!
  5. pjouy

    pjouy Well-Known Member

    Spider-Man 3 (Europe/France BD) is now working. Thanks a lot!
    But a fix is still needed for the PowerDVD 3319 "critical component update".
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  6. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    Very well done indeed. Your company is demonstrating that the major studios can't just run all over the cosumer. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
  7. smallz

    smallz Member

    Does this mean I can use region free feature on BD+ titles.Set my
    bdc 202 to A so I could watch films i'd bought through the recent
    issues.Only got a couple of changes left and wanted to buy a region B film.
  8. DonCarlos

    DonCarlos Well-Known Member

    BD+support what a great news. You guys are so great :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
  9. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Does this mean that I cna back up my BD+ films onto a bd-r and play them back on my PS3 or is this just usable on a PC?
  10. Xtrap1979

    Xtrap1979 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, I just received my AnyDVD/HD/ Clone DVD.
    Thanks for the 20 % discount:)
  11. TiVoMad

    TiVoMad Member

    Hi Guys,
    Great work ! A question though. Is BD+ really cracked or are you just copying the BD+ folder as part of the ripping process ? If you have already developed your Java virtual machine to run the BD+ code while ripping / playing then I am truely in awe :bowdown:

    Kind Regards,
  12. ano102

    ano102 Active Member

    I think you are right ... it is probably only a copy of the directory, exactly as you do manually ...
    2 weeks to crack bd+, it would be very impressive
  13. s-bat

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    Do you guys need disc infos for BD+ where AACS is removed?

    Incase you do and as there isnt yet a thread here is one new.

    Diehard 4.0 R2

    Summary for drive V: (AnyDVD
    PIONEER BD-ROMBDC-202 1.01 07/05/15PIONEER
    Drive (Hardware) Region: 0 (not set!)

    Media is a Blu-Ray disc.
    Total size: 19995040 sectors (39052 MBytes)
    Video Blu-Ray label: DIE_HARD_4_0_F1
    Media is AACS protected!
    Media is BD+ protected!
    BD+ is not yet supported, sorry!
    Removed AACS copy protection!

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  14. Blazkowicz

    Blazkowicz Well-Known Member

    Updated and just noticed, it doesn't update e.g. the value "NonVideoProgram" if you have installed into another location. That value contains normally "c:\program files\SlySoft\AnyDVD\SetDisplayFrequency.exe". But when you install somewhere else like "%programfiles%\slysoft\anydvd 6195" and start anydvd now and you select "Start external Program on Media Change" and doesn't bother to edit the path which AnyDVD sets automatical and pressing ok will give you an error message the file can't be found. You will notice the error when you are restarting AnyDVD.

    Not a big mistake but it would be better if this would be automatically set to the right folder at the end of installation. Of course, it should only be changed if SetDisplayFrequency.exe is found.

    Also AnyDVD has a problem here if you are selecting a exe which is located in a folder which contains Cyrillic letters. It isn't a bug of german windows as Daemon Tools Pro can mount images perfectly from those folders. Same error if path contains a special character like a heart. Same if the path is too long.

    Complete path without special characters:

    Regarding special characters:

    Don't ask why i set those folder names. I'm a betatester of ProtectionID and i'm supposed to do weird things to iron out bugs. Normally the first path is also full of special characters for testing purposes. Also note windows can access the file correct.
  15. Xtrap1979

    Xtrap1979 Well-Known Member

    Does Die Hard 4 have BD+?
    I was able to rip it but coudn't play it without skipping.....
    Does it work with the new beta?
  16. iansilv

    iansilv Well-Known Member

    Can someone please clarify- is the new version copying folders or actually cracking BD+?
  17. fschiefer

    fschiefer New Member

    The new version just copies folders, it is NOT cracking BD+ !
    I just tested it with Die Hard 4.0, the copied folders play fine with PDVD, but BD+ is still present (e.g. you cannot reencode the files)
  18. paul2642

    paul2642 Well-Known Member

    die hard 4 does have BD+ you need to copy over the BDSVM and the certificate off the original disc after you exit anydvd:)
  19. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Just copying for now...
    Still: BD+ is not Java :)
  20. DonCarlos

    DonCarlos Well-Known Member

    I don't need to. If I use AnyDVD ripper the BDSVM folder is already there so my guess is also that Slysoft just implemented the thing into the AnyDVD ripper what we did manually.

    Hmm a little bit disappointed that it isn't cracked but lets wait they will have it in about a month.