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  1. ClicketyClack

    AnyStream "Fair Use Policy" needs an update??

    This is only an FYI: I was checking to see what the rate of AS token recovery is and went to your Products page and the Fair Use Policy for AS. Unless you're keeping it to those lower numbers for a reason, I think that you might want to update the information to the current numbers? As I've...
  2. T

    {Bug} Content Moving in Queue

    When moving multiple items in a long queue, the previous items that were moved will drop down to below parts of the list that were not moved. This happens in the new update and was not noticed in the past, but does not mean that it was not there. [EDIT] It appears that this issue happens when...
  3. D

    How enable subtitles?

    How can I enable the subtitles of a video that i downloaded from amazon?
  4. D

    I can't download movies or series from AnyStream with VPN

    Hello, what can I do to download a movie that is available in another country? For example, I am from Latin America but I can't download a movie available in the United Kingdom.
  5. D

    I can't download on Amazon Video....

    Hi, I just downloaded anystream So, I want to download a movie on amazon video but it won't let me because I get an error saying "error. view log file". Should I use a vpn? What can I do?
  6. B

    AS+: option "Save subtitles as: SRT file" - included and also as a single file

    Subtitles are included in the MP4 file and also as a single file. With this option, there should be no subtitles in the MP4 file, right?
  7. B

    AS+: option "Save subtitles as: SRT file" - missing subtitles

    AS+, option "Save subtitles as: SRT file". For batch download, only the subtitles of the first episode are stored. For all following episodes the separate subtitles are missing.
  8. T

    Any Stream mehrere Sprachen in einer Datei zusammenfassen

    Hallo, Ich bin gerade dabei AnyStream zu testen. Dabei ist mir aufgefallen, dass nur eine Sprache ausgewählt werden kann. Ich fände es vorteilhaft, wenn mehrere oder alle Sprachen in eine Datei zusammengefasst werden können. Und gleich noch die Untertitel mit dazu. Auch in mehreren Sprachen...
  9. D

    Problems quality with amazon premium movies

    The new any stream update works worse than the previous ones since in amazon premium it drastically reduces the quality of the movies to 900x540 when yesterday they could be downloaded in 1800, at least it could be like in Disney at 1200x720 which is a reasonable quality.