X-Men Apocalypse : Forced Sub Titles, DVD Style

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by brian57, Feb 11, 2021.

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    I read from an earlier post that there was an old problem with DVD style subtitles when ripping to mkv, which the poster says had been fixed with a CloneBD update.

    Well I re-converted the above X-Men title because I needed the forced subtitles for the non-english scenes and chose the DVD style because of the warning that pops up.
    When playing the scene in VLC the titles were there but broken up and unreadable.
    I converted the disc again and selected the Bluray subtitles and they showed up fine in the same scene.

    Has the fault returned or is it the settings I selected.

    I used AnyDVD and CloneBD

    I have attached the log file from CloneBD from when I selected the Bluray style titles. Let me know if I should submit a log file from the none working DVD style conversion.

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    So is it me ?
  3. brian57

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    Any help ?
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    @brian57 Can't offer any help and just saw this when searching for the same problem. Finally installed the last beta and now this DVD subtitle problem happens to me with CloneBD 64 bit (AnyDVD HD - DVD style subtitles are screwed up in mkv (they worked ok in Just to confirm it's not you and happy to see that it's not me either :) I'll just use the blu-ray style subs which work ok on the same disc.