Why is DVD still a thing and Blu Ray obscure?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by JaxonLincoln, Feb 6, 2020.

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    I remember the PS3 came out in I think 2005. Its been around 13 years since then. VHS tapes were obliterated very early on by DVD yet DVD has survived still. You see DVD's in every store rack. Why is Blu Ray still so obscure?
  2. JaxonLincoln

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    Just a question, for fellow collectors to contemplate. I keep hearing about the death of DVD and physical media in general, but I've yet to actually stop and really think about it. DVDs have been obsolete for a long time now. However, they outlived their superior sibling, HD-DVD and are still competitive with Blu-ray and the newer 4K. Is 2018 the end? Considering how many physical media types VHS survived, I'm not sure it's DVD's time yet. What say you?
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    Wrong section, moved to general chat. Not an anydvd problem. The "DVD issues" / (UHD Only) sections are reserved for anydvd disc related issues only.

    Also, please don't create multiple topics across multiple sections for essentially the same question. topics merged. Your not off to a very good start with the rules on a brand new account

    As to the question, it's far less obscure than UHD BD's are, but price is a big factor.

    Oh and we're in 2020, not 2018.
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    Just a hint: the next reply will be "I found an amazing DVD converter tool 'DVD-Super-Crunch-To-Bits', that I downloaded from this Chinese website here<link>" lalalala...

    Both posts and his profile carry all markers for a typical spam lead-in.
    I wouldn't waste that many words on it.
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    care to fill me in on those markers via PM, then i'll know what to look for on these types of "users". Other than the fact that they just registered ^^
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    I thought the spambots are all females. :D