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    Like many others I bought a lifetime AnyDVD license. AnyDVD worked very well and I like the idea of buying a DVD and copying the movie and selling the DVD to get 3/4 of what I paid for it. All the movies I copied work to this day. Flawlessly. The problem came when I switched computers and I would have to request another key. Then AnyDVD disappeared. The rumor was AnyDVD went out of business because the movie industry threatened lawsuits. One person went to prison for copying too many movies. I saved all the receipts and the key so I can prove I bought a lifetime license.
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    And you can still use the lifetime license you bought from Slysoft up to version Any newer version 8.xxx requires a Redfox license.

    And Slysoft was forced to shut down almost four years ago.
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    That, i'm afraid, is pretty much piracy. If you sell the original, you're no longer entitled to own a backup of it. AnyDVD is meant for fair-use backups only. What you're doing is not a topic we will render assistance for in case of problems, on these forums.

    That's not a rumour, it's a fact. Slysoft got shut down by antiguan authorities. A company that shuts down, can't give you updates anymore for a product that no longer exists
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    This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Why don't you contribute to the project and buy a new RedFox license? Become a full time member of the Redfox Community. We welcome you.
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    Sorry but I take exception to your use of the term "We".

    I do NOT speak for everyone here at the Reffox Project but I DO SPEAK for those of us that do not want piracy to continue nor do I wish that low-life to be a member.

    A person that OPENLY admits to piracy is NOT someone that this project is for. It is for fair use of your own, LEGALLY purchased media. I will not accept the excuse that I didn't know it was piracy because if you run a computer & use a copy program then you damn well knew it was piracy. Ignorance is no excuse & anyone condoning his actions is JUST as bad & GUILTY!!
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    Sorry you take exception to it. The next time I will change we to me. LOL
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