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Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by sheep, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Benoire

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    I'm curious. I bought Game Jackal when it was up and running, and it is a simply amazing program, makes it so much easier because I hate having to put my DVD's in everytime. But, as a paid up member from the previous site... If its going to be sold here, would I still get full access to updates and support?
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    You have to wait for the announcement.
  3. Loonie

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    Forum account created in anticipation of GJ's new home.

    Announce already! You are positively killing us with the suspense.
  4. FlailingJedi

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    Me too

    I'm an old user and admirer of GJ. I hate it when big companies force small ones out of business (as I'm assuming happened here). If Slysoft could take over where Maplom left off then that would be brilliant!
    I'd like to know too if old subscribers could expect continued updates or not?
  5. Yard Waste

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    That is quite an assumption since nothing was announced as to why GJ was discontinued. They were an Austrailian company and there are new laws there that would have cause the makers to be in conflict with the law because of this product. Maplom did what they had to do to stay out of their Gov'ts sights. (again this is speculation, but from the various threads that I have read around the net, it is the most likely scenario)

    This isn't a case of big companies beating up a smaller company, it's a case of a company that can offer this product without being sued, charged and spending big bucks to keep a product available. (Remember 321 Xcopy!!). This forum was created by SLYSOFTfor a reason on their official forums. I am guessing that it will just a matter of time and GJ will be forsale here and it will be a better product for us all. (IMHO)
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  6. InTheFlow

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    In addition to what BeJotHaDe mentioned, another nice thing about GJ is that it usually didn't have blacklisting issues due to the fact that you have to have the original game to create the profile in the first place. And, if there were those kind of issues, they were normally resolved quickly by maplom's staff contacting the game developer to explain how the program worked. (I don't know if that is a fact, but from what I read that seemed to be how it worked.)

    But regardless how they got around the issues before, the fact is that they did so promptly. For this kind of product, timely updates are very important. SlySoft has proven their ability to release timely updates with the AnyDVD program which is why I have high hopes for their ability to deliver with GJ.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with this already great program. I'd love a way around installing the starforce root-kit on my computer for those kind of games!
  7. Imperceptible

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    The suspense is killing me :D Should be good once it's out!
  8. FlailingJedi

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    I stand corrected. :eek:
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    I personally blame the RIAA and MPAA in the United States for pushing broad laws on copy protection in general, without limiting them to copyright violation. In my opinion, the only time when these "copy protection" laws should come into play is when they apply to copyright violation, and not for general use.

  10. Webslinger

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    You're wrong. All indications are Australians laws precipitated the closure of Game Jackal's original website.
  11. InTheFlow

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    While it may have been the change in Australian laws that precipitated the closing of Game Jackal, the fact is that the people of Australia didn't pressure their government to implement those laws.

    I guarantee that it was a large company with lots of money applying pressure to government officials. So, in fact, it is the big companies putting the little ones out of business. I too think that the RIAA & MPAA are the ones to blame.

    They don't know how to deal with the new internet age and instead of exploring other options, they choose to go the route that most established companies go...fight change through the courts. Ultimately, I think they will loose because money can only manipulate for so long. After enough people get sick of it they tend to rebel.

    In fact, some might say that that has already happened and is why both the RIAA & MPAA are fighting so hard...the whole death throws kind of thing. :D
  12. Webslinger

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    You know, I had no idea why you were talking about Australian citizens, so I just went back and reread what I was responding to. I recall being angry when I responded. For some reason I thought FlailingJedi was implying that Slysoft did a hostile takeover of Game Jackal--or was somehow forcing Game Jackal out of business. :eek:

    I'm sorry, FlailingJedi; that's obviously not what you meant, and I have no idea why I thought you meant otherwise.
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