Way to know backup(ripped) dvds origin

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    How do we know the ripper who ripped a dvd or bluray and uploaded it in to the torrent as iso extention or just folders(I hope most of you guys know what I saying) it came from Rental version Bluray or original Retail one?
    Rental bluray means, A bluray disk distributed for rental only(from netflix, hulu etc etc)
    Retail Version means, A bluray disk actually have to purchase as retail price.
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    You are probably going to get fussed at for talking torrents. I know we speak of things here that would make providers unhappy but those are flat our piracy.
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    Ask the uploader. I suggest you read forum rule 5 again. We don't discuss that here. Go somewhere else. You're more than welcome here with legit ripping questions.
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    aauuhh ok ok no more questions about other ripper's distributed copies :eek:o_O thread closed
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    If you're implying it's OK to talk about distributing copies ripped with AnyDVD, you're sadly mistaken.
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