Using 2 Amazon Accounts and 280 limit

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by TubeBar, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. TubeBar

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    Really 2 questions here.

    First is will I bypass the 280 limit by switching into another Amazon account? I actually have 3 in my house hold.

    Second is that even safe to do? The accounts are different but PC and IP would be the same, not sure if that would raise a flag?

    I was thinking of doing 30 day Prime trial on one and testing it. I don't know if AS would know the file count is from a different account? I could try running AS on my other PC but I think the license only covers a single PC.

    The 280 download limit is driving me crazy recently as I have been grabbing cartoons that are only 7 min long each and limit pops up. I guess I can wait a few days but rather not.
  2. 0x0x0x0x0

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    as far as I could figure out, the limit is tied to the licence, not a specific account with a specific provider
  3. TubeBar

    TubeBar Well-Known Member

    Thanks, then I would have to buy another license and that's not worth it. I would be a little concerned w/ Amazon seeing that from same IP, best to be safe.
  4. Little Fox

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    Well my friend, let me post some personal thoughts about this matter. In general I think that the 280-limit makes sense and the reason for this limit is also clear: It‘s simply the human greed to get free lunches. If people would receive the license for printing money they will propably print billions just for themselves and by that behavour will ruin this license again due to forthcoming inflation. There will be a zero chance that they print only as much money as they need for living without need to work.

    In my opinion the 280-limit is very generous, albeit I understand that it causes some inconvenience to you. You say, that it even „drives you crazy“. On the other hand you refuse buying a second license, telling us that it is not worth the additional 100$. I mean what can you buy in our times with 100$? So if it is that important for you why not buying a second licence and in doing so supporting the developers of that marvellous program ?

    Please excuse by bad English, but I think you understood what I wanted to express
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  5. TubeBar

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    See my post on 280 limit not making sense esp. when it comes to 7 min cartoons:

    Isn't the 280 limit to prevent Amazon from banning? You almost make it sound like it's a license issue w/ Redfox that they are limiting it to stop greed because they feel like doing it. That makes no sense, it would be like Redfox limiting the amount of DVDs you can rip unless you buy a second license. If that's the case I'd be $500 worth of licenses as I agree it's well worth it. My concern is getting banned by Amazon not a few hundred dollars.
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  6. Little Fox

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    Well my friend this is exactly the point: Nobody knows for sure if the 280-limit, introduced by RedFox, is the magic threshold to be cut off by Amazon or Netflix. It is just guesswork and it could be also 300 or 500 or even less. This is what I meant, appealing not to act too aggressive and too greedy with these downloads. For me it’s simply no normal behaviour sitting 24/7 before the TV and watching videos (maybe even with 4x speed). So it is essential „to sail below their radar“ and in my opinion it cant be that urgent to grab everything you want in the shortest possible period of time. I mean with a little bit of patience (perhaps also pausing a day or too) and using the recommended 1x speed you will achieve your target also comfortably and even without attracting too much attention. This is no download competition !!! So just slow down, take you time and enjoy. And finally you get everything you want without worrying.
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  7. TubeBar

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    I understand what you mean. Yes I agree with you and that is what I am trying to do.

    I am in a rush because some content gets removed and never know when it will come back. Also there is the possibility that AS stops working tomorrow and forever (not very likely though). That is why I am in a rush to get as much as can and fast.