1. T

    Using 2 Amazon Accounts and 280 limit

    Really 2 questions here. First is will I bypass the 280 limit by switching into another Amazon account? I actually have 3 in my house hold. Second is that even safe to do? The accounts are different but PC and IP would be the same, not sure if that would raise a flag? I was thinking of doing...
  2. E

    Limit per service

    I agree to have a limit and in terms of the number of downloads but when downloading episodes i drain it very fast, since normally we could download a large quantity on weekends and not on weekdays. I read that the number of downloads is to avoid a blocking of the account by the provider. it...
  3. P

    question about limitations

    i have a question about the limitations it says on the url that 280 downloads per week are possible. does this apply to all downloads or per VOD provider? as example 280 at amazon prime and 280 from netflix? is there a possibility to decide on the number yourself in near future?
  4. B

    Limitations of Redfox AnyDVD HD trial version

    As thread title indicates... What are the limitations of Redfox AnyDVD HD trial version? Is the only limitation the 21 days? I have tested the software by ripping a few of my movies, and would like to know if I need to re-rip after I have bought a licence. Sorry if this question has been...
  5. Sabertooth

    CloneBD and crappy HDD blues

    This isn't a problem post. It's just my crying out to my fellows having found that my conversion speed with CloneBD is being limited (to a measly 165 fps) by my crappy old tech HDD. Now I'll be forced to upgrade! And not just to one big SDD, oh no! I'll be forced to buy a multi-pack of SSD's...