UHD Blu-Rays with Ryzen 3900X & Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

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    Yes you can if you use MPC-HC or JRiver Media Centre. You can't if you use PowerDVD < v20
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    I wish the asshats here would STFU & stop their idiotic lies about Intel CPU needed for UHD. You DO NOT need Intel nor Windows 10 to run UHD. That is an industry lie being spread & supported by both Intel, Microsoft & the Bluray consortium. We have hundreds of BDXL burners that read/write 100/128GB media with ZERO issues but the industry no longer makes those type drives available anymore. Why do you think? They don't want the average user to be able to rip UHD movies with ease. Sole reason.

    We have been running our business for 45+ years & for the last few decades, we have been running 4k on our AMD CPU for the entire time. Since UHD came out, we also run commercial UHD on AMD CPU. Just because you don't have the skillset nor the know how to build your own drivers & utilize resources out there to do so doesn't mean others can't do it. I am fed up with all the lies from misinformed users about 4K UHD so I am going to finally release my info in these forums about my 4K journey.
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    @eviltester, watch the language please.

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    That said you need to re-read things. The key thing here is ENCRYPTED (original) content with PowerDVD, and in that case. Yes you need an intel PC. PowerDVD hardcodes the SGX requirement to play UHD, and SGX is NOT available on amd CPU's.

    PowerDVD UHD system requirements

    That doesn't mean there arent other ways to play ENCRYPTED content, but it's not gonna work with PowerDVD on amd systems
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    Ahhh thanks for clarifying. I was just about to ask because PowerDVD 20 no longer requires SGX for playingh decrypted discs. Previously we had to use JRiver Media Centre to play UHD discs with the disc's menus. PowerDVD 20 now works too. However, if I try to plan an encrypted disc, the screen remains black due to the lack of SGX. On versions < PowerDVD 20 playing decrypted discs still resulted in a black screen.