The ultimate guide to setting up a HTPC and configuring to bluray authoring......

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    Wireless gaming mouse or keyboard lag? This may fix your problem. This is a must for htpc users who sit far away from their htpc computer.

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    DTS-HD MASTER 7.1 decoding to 7.1 LPCM with Media Player Classic. This video will use the Realtek 7.1 audio to output LPCM to the jacks on the back of your motherboard or your choice of sound card with 7.1 outs. No longer do you have to convert movies to FLAC with mkv. Just keep the DTSHD MA track untouched and enjoy. You can still go bit stream thru hdmi but everyone knows how to do that. This is LPCM so you can run 7.1 speakers to dedicated amps to home theater speakers without hdmi amplifiers. By the way movies sound AMAZING if you configure your system like mine if you are running older equipment. Before this tip you could use vlc but it only passes 5.1 during my wav tests. Only powerdvd can output lpcm to realtek audio driver 7.1 from a dtshd ma audio track. Now you can use mpc which is free to do the same.
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    Want to setup your htpc with 7.1 room correction and correct delay and speaker distance inside the pc like an expensive hdmi amp would? This video shows you how. You can use the pc to control speaker levels of a 7.1 speaker package for gaming or run a dedicated 7.1 amp and control the same through the pc to a stand alone amp for more power (Like I do) Test tones for each channel are included for a 7.1 system including a discrete 6.1 back center channel test file. P.S: New uploads will be in 4K format.

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    hdr in mpc for anyone interested.....

    upload here:

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    HDR to XDR for kodi and mpc hc 64bit.