The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by MSM3JJ, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. MSM3JJ

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    I have made back ups of every movie I own. I cannot make one of this movie yet. The visual is perfect but no matter what I try there is no audio with this movie. I have tried even making an exact copy with a dual layer disk and still no audio. I am using the most currant version of AnyDVD and the most current version of 1clickdvdcopy. Thank you in Advance for any help.

  2. binkie7

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    Nothing special on this one at least in region 1.
    Haven't used 1Click in awhile but why not try Shrink instead.

    In the preview screen you can check out the audio and make sure all okay there.

    If you have Nero Shrink will autoburn and you can pick you burner under select backup target. Or you can burn w/ Decrypter - just pick that option in Shrink.
  3. Webslinger

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    I doubt your problem has anything to do with Anydvd. I strongly suspect the solution can be found in relation to 1-Click.

    I'll wait though to make sure before moving this thread.
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    OK Here

    TCMTB - DVD Shrink and Fox
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    yep, no doubt...1-click is user-friendly....but problematic. buy clone, at least do the free trial.
  6. TPLAT

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    Try posting a 1Click log. What version of 1Click are you using. If using a newer version open 1Click and press your F8-key then copy and paste the log for it.
  7. Franchise

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    I had this problem as well. I defragged my drive and all is right in the world again.