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Not a RedFox Issue The Crown - Season 6


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Aug 22, 2021

Has anyone managed to download this season without issue (before the DRM issue)?

I'm trying to download them as SD, but it keeps crashing.
2016 Netflix series Season 6 downloads fine on my end.

(a few minutes ago)
It was fine about 23 days ago when I downloaded S6.

Creating a log file for the devs to look at would help isolate any problems other than a temp internet glitch.

No logfile, no help. It's very late where I am, I am not going to wait all night for a log file. If your computer is having issues I can't help you. I can't tell without a log file. We have the best support here in this business. But if you won't help us help you, I cannot be of service.

As you can see it downloads just fine. It must be your connection or your computer.

The crown.jpgEp1.jpg