The converted video file's sound is so weak

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by baybora, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. baybora

    baybora New Member

    I have tried your product (clone dvd mobile v1.1.5.4) for dvd to psp conversation. The picture result is superb.I think, nearly the original UMD quality.
    But... the sound is problem. quality is ok, but the sound level is so weak. I could hear the sound very difficult while PSP's volume is fully open.
    Could you apply any extra section to increase the sound of the converted video . May be, from 200 percent to 500 percent more than this.
    Thanks a lot...
  2. poolshark2014

    poolshark2014 Well-Known Member

    yeah that would be a nice little add on.
  3. eduj

    eduj Member

    Definitely will be very useful.
  4. brianchris

    brianchris New Member

    I was about to post a new thread on this very same subject.....the converted videos volumes seem to be low. I way to increase volume during conversion would be GREAT!! Is this possible?
  5. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Try playing with the entry for your profile in
    There should be a line

    You can adjust this value and boost it up to 200 (that will probably be a total distortion).

    This value only affects Dolby AC3 streams, if you're having problems with a stereo source, add a line

    or so.

    And: please let us know, if it helped.
  6. loub555

    loub555 Member

    I would like to do this in the ipod profile. Does it matter where you insert the MLVolume=10
  7. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    no, it doesn't
  8. cage123au

    cage123au Member

    For my IPOD 80GB I added a line to both IPOD areas and used MVolume=25. Works a treat for me. Just watch if you use earphones as you will need to turn volume down to LOW, then bring it up. At least now, I can adjust to what I need and not have to strain to hear the volume.

  9. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Active Member

    This is why I always enable the Subtitles.
  10. loub555

    loub555 Member

    Tried to insert the MLVolume=20 but a window pops up saying can't create the (gives path of file) make sure path and file name are correct.. The path does exist. Windows Vista, I'm the administrator.
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  11. cage123au

    cage123au Member

    Try MVolume instead of MLVolume.
  12. loub555

    loub555 Member

    Same result
  13. baybora

    baybora New Member

    Where is the profile section or devices.ini for PSP ?
  14. loub555

    loub555 Member

    I tried it on my computer at work (which is XP Pro) and it worked. Guess the problem is with Vista.
  15. loub555

    loub555 Member

    To anyone that's interested. Found this with a google search. Worked great.
  16. baybora

    baybora New Member


    Thank you very much. I dont need another tool or software for converting from dvd to psp anymore... either umd disc. I am using windows xp. I did everthing as you told us. (c /program files /slysoft/CloneDVDmobile/devices). I used the "[PSP Patched (AVC/H264, Ver. >= 3.03 OE-B)]" section and there was no any "MVolume" line. I applied one under the "ABRate=128" line. And vala... Everthing is perfect now, sound level is also...
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