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    At first I thought it was a bad/dirty disc. Not the case. I have tried multiple drives (2 internal, 1 external) and even borrowed a friends DVD to try it. Using the CloneDVD option it stops scanning disc at 74% (VTS_25_1.VOB) and in the CopyDVD Titles option it stops scanning at 25% (VTS_34_1.VOB).
    This failure happens with both discs on the afore mentioned options at the same places.
    I am attaching the latest logfile to this post.

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    You need to use AnyDVD or later for that title. The newest is, try that.
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    Just saw that post and trying it now with and crossing my fingers.
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    Upgrading to was a success. A heartfelt thank you to the developers for all their hard work.
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    I am consistently getting read errors also. I tried cleaning the disc. It will play in both of my computers as well as in a DVD player but I cannot get to copy. I upgraded to and the same thing still happened. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    I set the AnyDVD status to default. I used the rip video DVD to hard disc. I got a read error again. Then I tried it in Clone DVD. Read error again.

    The disc is All the Money in the World which I believe was made in the USA. I have attached a screen shot of the error message from Clone DVD and the log file from anyDVD.

    I hope this helps. Thank you for your assistance.

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    Logfile please from AnyDVD (and CloneDVD if you used it)

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