Thanks for the forum...!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by TheSystemHasFailed, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. KoRn

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    I love this forum. Thank you very much.
  2. McstylisT

    McstylisT Member

    Yes Thankyou slysoft. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  3. Confuddled

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    Many Thanks for the forum Great Idea, Cheers slysoft. :)
  4. ChRiS (G)

    ChRiS (G) New Member

    Thanks Slysoft

    Great programs. :agree:

    And now a forum too!:clap:

    Great work Slysoft:clap:

    ChRiS (G)
  5. gijoe

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    I agree with the rest, glad to see the forum up and running.
  6. vomitator

    vomitator Active Member

    Indeed another brilliant idea, slysoft! Keep up your commitment!!
  7. rayandelise2417

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    How did i manage before slysoft,FANTASTIC !
  8. syriana

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    thanks for the forum slysoft:bowdown: :bowdown: :agree:
  9. Dexter

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    Thank you

    I've been using anyDVD and Clone DVD2 for over a year now and I can say that I'm very happy with its performance.

    Thank you SlySoft
  10. Maud'dib

    Maud'dib New Member

    Thanks Sly Ones

    Ur a great company and ur support team is the best. All ur products r the best in the market.Keep doing what ur doing
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  11. kemosabededo

    kemosabededo New Member

    Truly Phenomenal

    I wholeheartedly agree with everyone. I thank you for the e-mail informing me of the SlySoft.Forum website. I really love your CloneDVD program; this program and SkySoft are truly phenomenal. Thank you so much for such excellent workmanship, please keep up the excellent work.

    If you ever design a program to help make a dvr-ms file DVD compatible I will have no problem buying your program. Thanks again.
  12. Rusty

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  13. dingaling406

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    clone and anydvd

    theeeeee greastest my hats off to anydvd for quick up date and rsponce to saw 3:agree: :bowdown:
  14. SithTracy

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    This is clearly a sign that SlySoft is in this for the long haul. Great commitment to your customers and it takes pressure off the staff by providing peer support... leaving the SlySoft folks to work more on the product and monitor issues in the forum. Great work. I certainly like the self help approach this forum will provide over the alternative; e-mailing or calling support.
  15. tranquash

    tranquash New Member

    I can only add that it's great that slysoft decided to host a forum. I'm a great admirer of each one of your products. I'm sure it's going to be a complete success.

    Keep-up the good work and my best wishes for all of you!!!


  16. SteveAnyDVD

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    Great Job Sly Soft. Any DVD rocks!!
  17. Didinho

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    Nice, I can meet all this people global
    Thks Sly:clap: