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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by 10969, Apr 29, 2022.

  1. 10969

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    Hi. I upgraded to v1.3.5.0 and I am still getting the "Couldn't retrieve playlist" error for the kdrama series Happiness.


    I'm connected to Australia via VPN, though I don't think that should make a difference. Just wondering if there are still some titles that are completely unavailable to download due to DRM issues since the changelog in the pinned post made it sound like newer titles should all be available, though mostly only in SD quality.

    I also get the same playlist error for Tale of the Nine-Tailed episodes 5 and up.

    I see in my log "[Error] [MSL:netflix] Error retrieving manifest: Email or password is incorrect." but I don't think this is a case of having an incorrect login since other titles properly come up with the download options.

    Log file is attached in case you need it. Thanks!

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  2. RedFox 1

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    Yes the VPN makes a big difference, the IP has been blocked on your VPN.
    Error retrieving manifest: Email or password is incorrect. It is looking for an e-mail and password in the region you are not in.
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  3. 10969

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    Usually if the VPN is blocked, I wouldn't be able to load anything at all (eg. I can't get Singapore to work). In this case, some titles work, some don't. Would it be selective like that? I would think it's an all or nothing scenario but I'm not an expert.

    Btw, I am able to use the VPN to watch the series through my browser without any issue.
  4. tectpro

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    What I noticed when using VPN now.
    I get Netflix content only and nothing else. Meaning content produced by Netflix will show, all other shows don't appear for me.
  5. DQ

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    I don't use a VPN because I tried dinking with it in all sorts of different ways (and I mean I tried all sorts of shenanigans) and found it to be nothing but a pain that rarely worked. This is just my experience. I found it not worth my time but I know some folks are into it.
  6. RedFox 1

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    If you guys think that Netflix and all the other providers cant tell if you are using a VPN, you are wrong. VPNs in my personal opinion, cause more issues than they are worth, I tested a few of them, I found Surfshark to be the best, and Nord to be the worst, Express and a few others were just okay, sometimes they worked alright, and sometimes they worked but the movie would stop as soon as they closed the IP. Rakuten closed all VPN access, it's virtually impossible to use VPNs to get Rakuten to work.
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  7. 10969

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    Yeah, sorry, you are correct. This is the behavior I see when a VPN is not working; only Netflix titles will show.

    I actually use Surfshark. I do not doubt what you say, but my point is that I am only having trouble with some titles.

    The titles I am trying to download, Happiness and Tale of the Nine-Tailed are not Netflix series. Happiness won't work at all. Tale of the Nine-Tailed is fine through episode 4, but 5 and up do not work. I do not understand why Tale of the Nine-Tailed doesn't work for only some of the episodes. Shouldn't the entire series not work if the VPN is the problem? And again, I am able to watch both series through the browser with my VPN (and also via Fire TV Stick on my TV) so it doesn't seem like the VPN is being blocked. I am just not able to download them through AnyStream, which is why I was wondering if it could be an issue with AnyStream rather than my VPN.

    I've been able to download many other series using the same VPN server, including Empress Ki which is 51 episodes long. This is also not a Netflix series. It just really doesn't seem like my VPN is the issue here.
  8. RedFox 1

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    I would bet money that's a NF issue, but I will talk to the developers about it.
  9. 10969

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    Yes, when I said "an issue with AnyStream," I meant that as in it's not my VPN, and that something with Netflix is preventing AnyStream from downloading it. I hope you understood that I did not mean to say that the software is faulty. I very much appreciate what you all do and understand that this is a big cat and mouse situation.

    Thank you for passing this onto the devs. I just wanted to bring it to your attention that not all titles were working. I hope it can be resolved soon.
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    I use a VPN from Mexico, and it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't, like trying to cross the border.:)
  11. 10969

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    Just wanted to update after upgrading to the new version

    While I only tried the first episode, it looks like Happiness now works, though 1080p is not available. Tale of the Nine-Tailed episodes 5+ continue to give a playlist error and remain unavailable to download. At least there's some progress with Happiness now being downloadable though! Log file is attached. I am still using Surfshark VPN connected to Australia.

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