Some Options Disabled in USA and Japan!?

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by A Friend, Jan 31, 2007.

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    Some options of CloneCD are disabled in USA and Japan--officially, because they are illegal in these countries. But according to the DMCA, AnyDVD is in USA officially illegal, too (I don't know the situation in Japan), but there seem to be no restrictions for American AnyDVD users.

    Why this two-standard policy, and is there an unofficial way ;) to unlock the options disabled on American and Japanese computers? There used to be a tool for CloneCD 4, but it doesn't work with CloneCD 5.

    Many greetings, :)

    A Friend
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    Whaaaaat??? CloneCD wouldn't be in business very long if it disabled it's own bloody self! What features are disabled? Is this a work computer that I.S. sets rules for? Are you on a network? What operating system and service pack are you using? Are you in the USA? If it is your computer, who did you buy it from? Have you considered getting a full refund and buying your computer from a company that doesn't sell born-again ethics as part of the package? Forgive me, but is your question really for real or are you fooling around or testing this forums members?

    Don't really mean to wisecrack but I have NEVER .. EVER heard of such a thing as your question.
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    Hi, Whisperer,

    CAREFULLY read the documentation of CloneCD. It says that

    the profile "Protected PC Game,"
    the option "Amplify Weak Sectors, and
    the option "Hide CDR Media"

    are disabled in USA and Japan.

    Since the old CCD4RegKill program does not work with CloneCD 5.x, it is necessary to find a new method to unlock these options--or, better, SlySoft changes it double-standard policy (see my remarks about AnyDVD above) and opens these features for everybody.

    Many greetings,

    A Friend
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    A Friend,
    Ok, sorry ... I never read the documentation of CloneCD and have used it successfully only for backing up DL DVD originals from my collection. Never an issue for me.

    Does your "user profile" allow Private Messages and emails to be sent to you? Members may not want to answer (if there is an answer) on the open forums(?) You also may want to try to email slysoft support directly.

    Best regards,
  5. Vegas

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    It says they are disabled on Elbys site but I see nothing like this on the Slysoft page. I have and I have the Protected CD icon.
    Nevermind after searching some more I found the info you were talking about that sucks but I wonder why I have the icon.
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    Hi, VEGAS,

    As far as I know, CloneCD is distributed only by SlySoft now; Elby says on its webpage it has stopped selling it for legal reasons), but the documentation of version still says the features are disabled in USA and Japan. And if you have the "Protected PC Game" profile, do you also have the other two disabled options ("Amplify Weak Sectors" and "Hide CDR Media"), and do all three features work correctly?

    A Friend
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    The Amplify Weak Sectors seems to work the Hide CDR Media worked when I first installed CloneCD but not now. Just for the heck of it I tried installing it on one of my other machines and everything seems to work on it. Works for me on my Intel box but not on my AMD machine so go figure .
  8. Vegas

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    I found a solution that works on my AMD machine not sure if it will work for you though but its worh a shot.
    Uninstall CloneCD dont save your registration info defrag your Hard Drive and reboot.
    Start up machine defrag HD agian and reboot next install CloneCD click on the your key file and reboot.
    Let me know if it works if it does then it didnt install properly.
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    Hi, VEGAS,

    Thank you very much for your answer and your effort. Unfortunately, I cannot test your proposition. Since I am neither in USA nor in Japan, I myself am not concerned by the problem, but many Americans and Japanese friends are. Since CloneCD4RegKill is useless for CloneCD 5, I would like to know whether the Americans and Japanese have found a new way to unlock these options, and if they haven't, I would like to draw their attention to the fact that this is necessary now. I have heard of tricks (e.g. pretendingng the computer you are in Canada instead of USA), but they don't work properly. A new patch program would be very helpful. Perhaps someone could write one.

    Thank you,

    A Friend
  10. Whisperer

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    Is this a DRM issue care of the monopoly in Redmond? Is anyone who uses Windows 2000 SP3 (last service pack to not include DRM) able to get use of the functions in question? I doublt the "block" is built into the firmware of the computer itself.

    Since the documentation of version says the features are disabled in USA and Japan do you infer that to mean Slysoft implemented the block within CloneCD or that the features "will" be disabled in USA and Japan (meaning Windows will disable those features)? I don't play or backup games but you guys have got me interested on a fair-use level now.

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    Your right. My version is and that is the latest on the SS download page. I just copied and pasted that text from Vegas' posting above mine.

  13. Vegas

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    There is a link for it over at CD Freaks it was to solve a thumb drive issue
  14. Vegas

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    I asked about this in another thread and also sent an email to Slysoft Support so maybe we will get an answer soon .
  15. wombat

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    Very odd - I'm in the U.S. and using an AMD box. I have NO issues with the Protected Game profile, Weak Sectors option or Hide CD-R and I never have. Not sure what all the flap is about?? :doh:
  16. Vegas

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    Read the Help file from Slysoft it says that those features are all disabled if you live in the US or Japan .
  17. Webslinger

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    I don't have a definitive answer about this--yet.

    However, Olli (with Elby) originally removed amplify weak sectors for U.S. users due to legal issues with selling the product there (I think).

    I don't know if this still holds true after Slysoft took over Clonecd. Has anyone actually checked to see if the feature is disabled?

    Perhaps this is a case where the help file just needs to be updated.

    I'm just guessing . . .

    Regardless, in general, please do not upload files that in any way attempt to modify Slysoft programs without getting permission from Slysoft first. Thank you.

    I will update the people in this thread if I find more information.
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  18. Vegas

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    Thanks Webslinger
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  19. d.chatten

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    Try uninstalling CloneCD and also remove the registration info, restart the computer, change "all" language options of Windows in Control Panel > Regional and Language Options to something other than USA or Japan, eg: UK, restart the computer and reinstall CloneCD, you may only need to change some of the language options, but, if you change "all" language options and it works, you can then change them back untill you find which option disables these features, i don't know if this will work but it should.
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    It may be in the manual, but are you sure it isn't actually there? Go to:Start/Programs/Slysoft/CloneCD/CloneCD Tray.
    That should put the CloneCD in your tray. You should see a sheep there. Right-click and see if the option: Hide CDR Media is there. If so, you have it, it is not disabled. You should also have all 5 profiles (Audio CD, Data CD, Game CD, Multimedia Audio CD, Protected PC Game) when you click the COPY (2 Discs) button
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