Some movies have blank Language selection

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Greg Alex, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. Greg Alex

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    Using the latest version

    This was observed on US Amazon, 1st movie is Unlawful Entry (requires Starz subscription) and second Keeping up with the Steins (requires Cinemax channel subscription)

    Basically when you click to download and it bring up the pop up window, the Language field is completely blank. I don't have any logs as I didn't proceed with the download. But if anyone has a subscription on US Amazon for either of those channels, you can try testing it to confirm. You don't have to download just click for the pop up window and see if there's any language selection there.

    If I see any more movies displaying this problem I'll update the thread.
  2. DeepSpace

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    You can create a log file by using the menu in the top left corner (where you can reach the settings) after opening the downloadables dialog. Upload that.

    Edit: Then wait for the devs till they take a look.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    What GUI language do you have Anystream currently set too?
  4. Greg Alex

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    English, and this is not a common problem at all. In fact these are the only 2 movies (that I saw) that have a blank field for's not a big deal but I thought I would point it out in case anyone else saw anything similar.
  5. Don922

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    Provide a log so the developers can investigate.

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  6. RedFox 1

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    Thanks for pointing it out, but if you are going to get help, as Don922 said, the Developers need to see a log file.
  7. yrgnd

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    I see this every so often only on AP titles, but the language is whatever the webpage says the audio language is under the description. I am pretty sure I've only seen this on foreign language films which have no other language options than the original.
  8. zanetti

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    ive been using AS for a few weeks now, and let me tell you ive seen some weird things on prime. disappearing and reappearing resolutions within a single season, missing subtitles on a few episodes out of maybe 150 in the entire series, episode list all messed up e.g. all episodes named after the first one, missing episode numbering so i have to rename after each download etc. also, missing language selection, but file downloaded without a hitch and audio was english. funny enough, never had any problems on prime with audio bitrate, always worked as advertised. mind you, all of these problems manifested on prime channels, e,g britbox or d+ or starz.

    havent used NF for tv series, so cant say much about that.
  9. yrgnd

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    To be honest, I've seen this on my Firestick with certain TV shows like Andy Griffith. Some episodes will be mistitled, sometimes a single episode is listed twice, sometimes just one or two episodes in a season will look significantly worse, some do not have subtitles. I just think it's like that on their servers, but I could be wrong.
  10. zanetti

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    yeah, i think amazon is the culprit, not AS. will try NF and D+ for tv series, just to see if these types of problems manifest there too, but i doubt it.
  11. sycor

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    I noticed it today with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on AP. I just assumed it was because it was a foreign language dialogue and even on the Audio Language of the page it just had Chinese (I think) characters, not the word Chinese or Mandarin or what language the movie is in.

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  12. yrgnd

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    This is normal. Chinese is the only language available and if your system supports unicode then you will see the original language listed in Chinese. The file will download and play just fine. The subtitles are burned in.
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  13. Prospere

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    Thanks for the log. This will be handled for the next release.
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