SlySoft on Blu-ray BD+ crack: next time it will be easier

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    Full Story on the link provided.

    SlySoft on Blu-ray BD+ crack: next time it will be easier
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    Long live the revolution!!

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    Antigua? Neat! Are they hiring?

    One item bothers me:
    In other works, Slysoft deliberately held back the crack to help ensure Blu-Ray won the war?

    Maybe, if BD+ was known to be cracked, HD-DVD would have had a better chance?
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    Although I have read the same quote I do not believe that it was meant that way.

    Remember that Slysoft supported HD-DVD all along and wanted it to be the winner. If HD-DVD had won it would have meant less headaches for Slysoft in terms of dealing with BD+ and any future changes made to it. Slysoft would only have had to deal with AACS which is only optional in the HD-DVD spec.

    I can't and won't speak for Slysoft but the difference between December and March gave them access to more BD releases containing BD+ and the more discs they had to work with the more they could learn since they don't have official BD+ documentation.

    I wish they had released the ability to handle BD+ sooner but waiting likely resulted in a better release. Unfortunately, we'll never know for sure what impact this had on the outcome of the HD-DVD vs BD war.