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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by dvb-projekt, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. dvb-projekt

    dvb-projekt Member

    Hi there at SlySoft,

    please integrate the folowing function´s in the next Update:

    1. The posibility to change Audio to a higher Bitrate
    (The soundquality isn´t that good !!)

    2. The posibility to change Video also to 480x272 resolution
    (For all the Folks that use Dark-AleX Firmware since Rev. 3.03 OE-B, that allow decryption of mp4-AVC videos to play at 480x272 FULL-resolution !!)

    I think you´re make many user very happy with this!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  2. dvb-projekt

    dvb-projekt Member

    @ all

    If you have the same or other wishes, please write it in this thread! :clap:
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  3. Confed

    Confed Member

    I agree, I have had slysoft products for some time, And never had any issues, The only issues is the sound is not load enough for the mobile as he has said in above thread
  4. dvb-projekt

    dvb-projekt Member

    As we see, there are more people who need that feature !

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  5. Mikkis

    Mikkis New Member

    I would also like to convert dvds for psp in 480x272 resolution. Wouldn't mind if the sound could be of better quality but the I think the bigger problem is with the audio volume which is too low to use when on traveling.
  6. jbgr

    jbgr Member

    I agree that we need more video resolution choices.
    For sound, the quality is good and if you want the volume to be higher you have to make the change in the device.ini file and increase the MVolume parameter. Would be nice to be able to do this from the GUI
  7. Mikkis

    Mikkis New Member

    There is no mvolume parameter for h264/avc. Does it help if you change the volume parameter (default=400)?
  8. jbgr

    jbgr Member

    I did not try but it works with MP4
  9. bradwill

    bradwill Active Member

    hey guys

    have you ever tried different earphones that have a volume controll on the ear phones works real well. koss or bose has real nice set
  10. dvb-projekt

    dvb-projekt Member

    @ SlySoft

    Is there any developer from you, reading this Thread ? :confused:
  11. h0lyc0w

    h0lyc0w New Member

    You can already setup CloneDVDmobile to support the >=3.03 OE full resolution (480x272). Just add the following profile to devices.ini in \Program Files\SlySoft\CloneDVDmobile

    [PlayStation Portable (AVC/H264, Firmware Version >= 3.03 OE-B)]
  12. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Hi there,

    thanks, I'll add this to the next release (though I'll have to add something to the title, so people know, it's not the "standard" 3.03...)
  13. h0lyc0w

    h0lyc0w New Member

    I should've mentioned that I didn't create this profile. I got it from Anim8, who posted it on club.cdfreaks.com.

    I just happened to find it and pass it along.

    Looking forward to seeing it in a future release though.
  14. knf67

    knf67 Member

    I have version most recent version 3.1 something. Converted a couple of movies over with the code. Transferred to the PSP and got an error "unsupported data" when I went to play.
  15. h0lyc0w

    h0lyc0w New Member

    Unless you're running the Dark Alex custom firmware (recognized by the "OE" part of the version number) that is either 3.03 OE or higher, it won't work. Dark Alex modified the "standard" firmware from Sony to remove the resolution limitation Sony implemented on the built-in video player.

    If you're running the standard 3.1 or higher firmware, you'll have to wait until there's a "downgrader" to load the DA custom firmware.

    For more info, check out PSP Updates blog and Dark Alex's homepage.